November 8

The Crime Scene

Inspector Norrell looked at the crime scene. He still had no idea how something like this could have happened.They weren’t able to identify the body but they managed to figure how old its been there from. He took a long sip from his hot coffee and then continued searching for clues. Norrell then took out a box labeled: Disposable Gloves, and then put them on gracefully. He gently lifted up the skull like a newborn baby and looked underneath it. He dropped his coffee in surprise when he found traces of hydrochloric acid. He took it to his laboratory to do more research

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October 30

Valedictorian Speech

Good evening, parents, teachers and fellow year six graduates. My name is Atticus and I’m the valedictorian speaker for 2015.

Our time at Moonee Ponds Primary School has been a wonderful, exiting journey. All the year 6s have truly changed since prep, from physical changes to academic changes, like from being smart, to very smart, small to big, so on and so on. Our school is a very unique school, with tall people, smart people and funny people; everyone at our school has their own talent. Another unique thing about our school is the opportunities; we have roles like, House Captain, School Captain, Green Team Ambassadors, and so much more. Something that has definitely changed this year is the roles. They have changed the some roles for different years and they got rid of some roles. The Green Team Captain is now for grade 5s, they got rid of roles like: MVIMP Captain,  Literacy Captains e.t.c

Everyone at this school is kind hearted, creative, smart and all the kids and teachers have something unique. From terrible jokes to being great at sport, our school is an amazing.Being in year six has given us time to think about what the parents and teachers at this school have done for us.  For example, they have taught us important life skills, planning and organising important days like today.

Throughout my time at this school I have witnessed gestures of kindness when someone has been hurt to students and teachers encouraging all the kids during athletics carnivals. I have also witnessed some changes at the school, like the title, which use to be Moonee Ponds Central School, to Moonee Ponds Primary school. Our school is very good because the teachers teach us about being a leader, and gives us the opportunity to take on a leadership role during your time as a year six.

I remember our first cabaret in grade 1, or the endless fun at Friday fun. The athletics day where we would be cheering on our teammates or even the swimming carnival where everyone would talk about how cold it was when we weren’t in the pool. I also remember when we were lucky enough to have visits from special people like the Police or the Firemen. The teacher and parents at our school organised all of those events, and on behalf of the school I’d like to say thank you to them.

Our school has introduced many new things, like getting chickens to how the green team adopted a Wombat. They have also now given us netbooks which help us get our work done faster, and more efficiently. WE have had the opportunity to be part of a team in T.O.M, play in a band or accept crazy challenges on the last day of term 1, term 2, term 3 and term 4. The teachers have let us go on fun excursions, incursions and camps!

The teachers at this school as wonderful teachers. They help us with our abilities and try to make them even better! The teachers put a lot of work into every lesson they teach us and make learning very fun. The staff have also helped us by organising certain events, taking in notes and even more! Being split in other classes has given us time to see how much all the teachers put into teachers, they ALWAYS put in a lot.

Without this school none of use would be up here and none of us would’ve had all of these amazing opportunities. We all would have been completely different people  and we wouldn’t have had amazing teachers that made us fantastic at everything!

It is going to be sad to say bye to our school, but when we leave we know that we will leave with our experiences and memories.

October 29

She Just Wouldn’t Stop Crying

Cry, cry, cry. Thats all she would do. She just wouldn’t stop crying. People at school talked about her behind her back, they would talk about how she would NEVER stop crying. She didn’t even know why she cried all the time, she always tried to stop crying, but would never succeed. Her parents would recommend  ways to stop crying, she would say ‘I don’t understand your language’, an she would go away in an angry mood. One day she, when she woke up she realised that there were no tears down her eyes! Then she woke up an found out everything was a dream…..

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October 28

Scientific Lab Report: Juicy Circuit

Aim: To identify if an apple can be used to complete a circuit and if so, why?

Hypothesis: The circuit will work, I think it’ll because it has liquid that works because liquid and liquid is a conductor


1x Apple    1x Circuit   1x Light Bulb    1x Scissor   2x 11 inch wire   1x Power Box


Step 1:  Cut the two wires into halves.

Step 2:  Cut the apple into halves.

Step 3:  Tie the two wires onto the wire spots on the power box.

Step 4:  Stick the wire that a tied up into the apple parts.

Step 5:  Put the other wires in the apple parts, and then put clips on the wires.

Step 6:  Hook the clips up to the light bulb, turn it up to 6 volts.

Observation:      When it was on 3v it would only go on for a split second, when it was on 6v it went on forever. When we finished, the apples looked the same. When the wires were not cut and we stuck them through the apple, it didn’t work, but when they we cut it, it worked

Here is a picture of our experiment. It looks like the wires aren’t cut but they are.


This happened because of the acid inside of apples (malic acid) makes charged particles/ions when in contact with a liquid solution, in this case the juice of the apple. When a wire is connected to it, it transports the ions to the wire which then power the light bulb that was used. Ions only have positive particles in it, so we needed to put the negative wire in it so it could work.


If we do this experiment again, we should try it with other types of apples, other fruits or things with citric/malic acid. Our theory for our experiment (that it’ll work) was true, but we had to change it a bit.

October 24

100 WC Week 8

Run away.. That was what my legs were keen on doing. But I decided to go against my gut, to do what I’ve never done before and thats, be brave. Ever since I was a kid I would always run, even if it was from my  a story, I would still run. But my people needed me, and I needed them. A strong gust of wind swept across the field, the lifeless grass blew away, my bronze armour gleamed against the moon, my long iron sword reflected the my face. I looked at it for one second and then I ran into battle. It felt like I had finally won against my never ending war against my consciousness.

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October 16

Reflection term 3

Throughout term 3, the 5/6s at MPPS we learnt about economics, in economics we had visits from people that work at the Bendigo bank, had people in our class talk about a certain thing in economics. We learnt about interest, income, needs and wants and goods and services.

During class masters, we have something called a prepared speech, this is when the talker, has a couple of weeks to prepare for the speech, the person talking has two minutes to talk, seeing as our topic was about economics, all the speeches were about economics. I learnt about things like bartering, first and second world countries e.t.c. Mine was about the great depression, researching this has helped me understand more about the crisis and economics, this also taught me words used in economics, like Deflation (when the prices of a product drop by a lot).

Now I understand how economics work, this is from B.T.N and the visit. From B.T.N

October 6

What I’ve learn’t about 3D shapes…

Throughout term 3, the 5/6s started to learn more about three dimensional shapes. Three dimensional shapes (3D shapes or polyhedron) are shapes the have three dimensions, these dimensions are called: width, height and length. An example of a 3D shape would be a cube which is the most common one, or a square. Any shape can be turned into a 3d, all you have to do is add width because 2D shapes have length and height. There are different types of 3D shapes, some of them are: prism and pyramid. A prism is a shape that has parallel sides which rectangles are and the same face at the start and the end, the edges on them are called vertices  and example of one is a triangular prism, this is what they look like.

PrisimA pyramid is one of the the two 3D versions of a triangle, the other version is a triangular prism. A pyramid is a four sided 3D shape with triangles for faces. There are different types of pyramids, like a square based pyramid or a triangular based pyramid. The name of the pyramid is determined on its base, with a prism it’s determined on its face. The point where the triangles meet is called the apex. Here is what a hexagonal based pyramid looks like.

download (2)

August 20

Fairy Business

A girl called Samara Welbourne, and she makes fairy houses. She started the fairy houses a while ago and was so successful that she even wrote a book about it. She came up with the idea when she was doing a fundraiser with her friend, they sold fairy houses and made $400! She came up with the idea of making fairy houses when people started asking her things about the houses, eventually her mum told her that she should make a book on it. Because of all of this she now goes to schools to teach kids about fairy houses!

One question I still have is, will she continue this into her elderly ages?

August 20


The rich are mad, the poor are sane. That’s what I believe. My parents have said ‘never trust the rich’. This led me to believe to trust the poor. I was walking down the streets of Manhattan, wondering if I should go home, or just stroll around for eternity. Both of them seemed pretty similar, but I decided to stroll for eternity. As I was strolling I thought, I wonder how many crazy things I can come up with in a minute, I though for a while about all the crazy things, I decided my favorite was this one suhvv wkh l li brx gduh, exw mxvw ehzduh wkh gdqjhu dkhdg!

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August 18

6 Room Poem Process

On the 18/8/15 we learnt about the 6 room poetry. This helps you with writing poems.

Room 1= The first room is where you imagine your thing, it can be something, beautiful or interesting for you.

Room 2= In this room you picture the colours that you see when you picture it.

Room 3= This one is  similar to room 2 but instead of picturing the colours, you picture the sounds that you here.

Room 4= You ask yourself a question about the place or thing you pictured, like what is it?

Room 5= When picturing your image what do you feel?

Room 6= In room 6 you right down your favourite line/phrase three times.

Once our class did this process we came up with poems.This is my poem:


pitch black is the colour of thee,

with little bright lights,

like a street light at night.

It makes no sound,

not one at all.



Is it infinite?





Here is a link to the one I did in year 3:

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