April 28

100WC Week 30#

“Hello?” I called out in a scared tone.

SLAM! the door behind shut. I slowly walked up the stairs.*creek* the stairs weren’t sturdy. I quickly turned around to see nothing but a curtain dancing in the wind. Bzzzzzz!

“what was that?” I wondered.

“WHOA!” I yelled in surprise.

the stair i was walking on fell and hit the ground with a thud. I was holding onto the rail with my feet dangling over the edge.BOOM KAZOOM WAZOOM! in no time I got back to the top.I saw a greenish light coming out from my room so I decied to go for the blue light from the cupboard and when i opened the cupboard door…. KAZANG

March 31

100WC Week 28

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I ran through the city of Perth I slowly gained speed, but then I was puffed as a puffer fish. My breathing was unsteady, I was still scared, and I was thinking of what would’ve happened and what will happen. I ran into an alleyway but that was probably the worst idea seeing as in movies the guy always dies. If I had enough time I  might be able to jump onto the ladder. Well at least I thought I had enough time. The giant shadow loomed over me, I was to scared to look and I ran as fast as I could… but I was to late my last word were: AHHH!

March 27

spelling week 9

Activity One:
The immunization was important to the person who did the demonstrations because he always go the flu. He first got the flu when he went to see the guillotine  and he saw the executive  manager of a financial business.
Activity Two:
Immunization-when you get injected with something

Demonstrations-demonstrates plural

Guillotine-When your beheaded the use a guillotine

Executive-the executive branch of a government.

Financial- stuff that involves money

Activity Three:
The state government spends its funds through a series of departments, each of which provides series for the public. Each department is responsible to a cabinet minister, but has a permanent head as well. This permanent head is a senior public servant, who usually holds his or her position for many years. On the other hand, the Cabinet ministers change from time to time, usually as a result of elections.

Activity Four:

Prefix /
Meaning Example Example 1 Example 2 Example 3

underneath            under           unsure      unfordable

Multi-                     multiple     multiplication multicultural
Over-                   overall          overwhelmed   overplump


supermarket         superman

-ish        Selfish                fish

-ss          less                        worthless           nothingness

-er          reader          cleaner      baker

March 25

100 WC week 27

I would like to become a night zoo keeper so I can protect the animals and I’ll ward off the monsters of nilth. I’ll get the spying giraffes to spy on the monsters of nilth. I’ll make sure the animals a well fed and make sure no monster of nilth can get them. I’ll come at the begin of night so no monsters of nilth can sneak inside the zoo. I’ll ask the time traveling elephant to take me through time and take me to when the made their plans.

March 24

MM Sheet 6 Term 1

Question: 23

Clarify: No clarification

Prediction: I predict i’ll need to use subtraction and addition


1. 200 minus 100? 100 1 hour

2.100 plus 200? 300 two hours

3.300 minus 100? 200 three hours

4. 200 plus 200? 400 four hours

5.400 minus 100? 300 five hours

6. 300 plus 200? 500 six hours

7. 500 minus 100? 400 seven hours

8.400 plus 200? 600 eight hours

9.600 minus 100? 500 nine hours

10.500 plus 200? 700 ten hours

11.700 minus 100? 600 11 hours

12. 600 plus 200? 800 12 hours


I used find a pattarn


March 19

Spelling week 7#

Activity 1:

It was compulsory for Jim’s family to be conscripted.Even if the got money from there commonwealth bank they said you have to sell your house. Jim heard that the communication devices were bad there. He asked the coalition if they can stop but they said no. So he sold his house and found out it was commission sale

Activity 2:

Conscripted-When your forced to join the army

Commonwealth-An independence state or community

Communication-When you talk

Coalition-A temporary alliance for the government

Commission-When you sell something but have to pay

Activity 3:

A. I peeled off all potatoes and put them in the pan

B.We have two pianos at home

C.We watched in awe as the two volcanoes erupted

D.The dogs chased the three kangaroo’s

E.I cut up all the tomatoes and put them in the salad

F.The heroes who rescued the children were awarded medals

G.We took lots of photo’s at the wedding

H.All the frightened buffalo stamped across the field

Activity 4:

ine as in wine              ine as in engine                         ine as in sardine                          Define                          Medicine                                                          Nectarine                Genuine                        famine                                          Vaccine

vine                                                                                                 machine                                    line                                                                                                Guillotine                                   routine,dine                                                                                                                                          spine,mine

March 19

100 WC week 26#

I wanted to yell out to him about the massive meteorite  but my voice abandoned me. Finally my voice came back and I yelled at the top of my lungs, LOOK UP CAN YOU SEE THE MASSIVE METEORITE HEADING TOWARDS YOU? he was taking to long to respond so I dived into him and we tumbled down the hill I saw the meteorite hit the ground followed by a loud KABOOM!

“What the heck just happened?” Jimmy said

“A meteorite he-” I couldn’t finish my sentence I was shocked about what just happened. I fainted in shock and then I woke up in a bed.