December 12

Summary of 2013

The year is coming to a end so, I’m going to write a summary of 2013 I’m going to do it in a persuasive text on “You Should Go To Year 3/4.”

You should definetly go to grade 3/4 you get to make BLOGS! and you learn heaps of intresting thing such as: Explanations and persuasive launguse after you read this you’ll be totally convinced.

Firstly, you will have a REALLY fun time being in grade 3/4 you’ll get to go on your blogs heaps of times and after two weeks you’ll have HEAPS of great post. When you go on your blogs you can login and comment on other blog’s.

Secondly, you can play INSTRUMENTS! The are 4 types of music groups that we play at school, Woodwind- Flute, Clairnet and Saxaphone. Strings-Cello, Violin and Base Gutiar. Percuasion- Drums. Brass- Trumpet, Trumbone, French Horn and Euphonium but no one plays Euphonium. The Tudors- Dez-Woodwind, Katlyn-Brass, Anette-Cell, Les-Violin, Anthony- Drums and Simon- Base Guitar

Thirdly,When your in 3/4 you get to go to CAMP!! The camps you get to go to are- Sovreign Hill and Cambera. When you go to camp you get to do activties such as: Cannoeing and rock climbing.

For all these reasons you should know that being in grade 3/4 RULES!



December 4

The Eureka Stockade/the Eureka Rebellion

For term 4 our topic was History so he had to choose an important event in Australian history I chose The Eureka Stockade here is my Fact sheet:

Who: Peter Lalor- politician, James Scobie- horse trainer, Miners-Mining, Soldiers-fighting

Where: Ballarat

When: 1854 the 3rd of December 3:00 AM-1854 the 3rd of December 3:15 AM

Why: Miners wanted digging licences to be removes- because they were expansive and police stole their gold

How: Miners where getting killed and they started to protest

Consequences: People died and the miners where frustrated

Feelings: People where scared

What was different?: There where wars in Australia


It was led by Peter Lalor who is a politician. The original Eureka flag was first raised in Bakery Hill. All the miners took an oath they said “We swear by the southern cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and libraries”. But only 10,000 miners went in to the war and only 150 people stayed to fight! Most of the miners came from: Ballarat and Victoria. They fought against the police and the U.K colonial authorities. Most of the police where convicts because they were running out of police and asked if they want to become a police and the accepted.

On the 6th of October Scottish miner James Scobie was murdered at Eureka Hotel. It made the miners angry and three of them burnt the hotel. At once the police came and arrested the three hotel burners. A new Governor, Charles Hotham, came to Victoria. The miners started hoping that he’ll buy the gold for heaps of money. But he refused!

The Eureka stockade began with people protesting on gold fields. For the next two days miners started to build a stockade. Then the war started.

Another thing we had to do was make a poem here is mine

Eureka Poem

By Atticus Frost

The hotel burns and sparks their fire,

Diggers getting shot,

Soldiers jumped like kangaroo’s,

The wall of hope was burnt.

Then we had to do a description this is mine

Eureka Stockade Description

People were shooting hitting the stockade. I saw the citizens of Ballarat peeking out of their yellow curtains then quickly closing them. I saw the brave soldiers groaning for help they were tugging at their fellow soldiers legs. For a second I thought we’ll win because I could see soldiers lying on the ground, dead. Then I saw the diggers almost 30 had died I saw bullets flying past.

For 15 minutes we were fighting and then we stopped. Tears dripped down my face as I realised that we lost.

December 4

Historical Letter

   When we came back from camp we had to write a letter this is mine

To Mum and Dad,

I’ve found 1 ounce of gold! My friend Mike found 4 ounces! I’ve been digging underground which is the most dangerous type of mining. I’m trying to get a job at the Gold Pouring place. I’ll get payed 19 shillings per month! I’ve heard that John Diesel and Richard Oats found the biggest nugget but they don’t want to turn it into a gold ingot. The police here are quite annoying they steal everyone’s gold! I’m beginning to think that there will be a war soon because the miners are angry so I’ll come back to England soon because I don’t want to get involved

Yours truly,


November 8

The Cats 2! The Power of 4 (JB+AF)

  Archery cat 1

A month earlier………  Blade cat and me were walking along but in the last few days he’s been acting weird. His been eating like a dog and still Claw cat is nowhere to be seen. And his been humming like he was counting down. Then suddenly I was knocked out of my thoughts by Blade cats voice saying “times up bed time!” Then I fell unconscious and woke up in a jail cell. I looked around Blade cat was standing in front of my cell  and saw I Claw cat unconscious with a bleeding wound on his forehead. “Hello” Blade cat purred  I turned to Claw cat and to my surprise he woke up at the sound of Blade cats voice. Blade cat simply stated he had plans then left.”I should have never trusted that fiend” I thought to myself. Then I heard two voices whispering at our cell window “I can’t believe it’s really them” one of the voices said “I know after so long we can finally found them” the other one said to the other one. I peeked out of my window and saw two cats then I hopped down and helped Claw cat up and we looked put again and he two cats faces were pressed against the bars. One cat was a ginger cat with a red badge and the other was black and white but with a blue badge. “Wow I thought they would be taller” the ginger cat said “HEY” Claw cat argued. “Anyway I’m Duli” said the black and white one “and I’m Kidra” said the ginger one. “We’ve came to save you” Duli whispered. Then me and Claw cat noticed that our hands where hot then the metal bar where melting. We climbed out of the cell and went onto the roof Duli and Kidra followed. Claw cat and Archery cat said that they needed their things back they snuck in through the roof and went into the toilets and saw a dog doing his business “OK” I said and I went back up. I went through the next air vent and found Claw cats and my things we grabbed our things. Then we ran out and far from the dark, rusty, evil prison.

Kidra 2

I  couldn’t believe me and Duli finally found the cats!It is just impossible to believe. Claw cat said  “We should find a safe place to set-up camp and regroup””OK” chorused Me and Duli and we walked down the lane to find billy Mclane. We asked his name and he said the same because his that old billy mclane. Then Archery cat asked  where a safe place is that they can stay in. “I’d say the inn with Billy mcinn” Said Billy mclane scratching his black shell”Or down in  sewer with Billy manure” “Ummmmm sewer! yes definitely” I said “Ok” said Claw cat sarcastically. We  had a vote and I can’t believe nobody wanted to go into the sewers! So Archery cat and Claw cat went to see the inn. They came back and said “we could stay there” So we walked down to the inn and we where showed a room with four beds and a toilet “I bags sleeping in the toilet” I said then Billy mcinn left and Billy manure came out of the toilet and said “The toilet is full of poop in the sewer” “Nooo” I yelled. This was the longest day of my life I was bored it was terrible. Archery cat insisted on taking me to the super souvenir shop “Come on” said Archery cat as he went out of the inn I followed. We both continued walking down town. Then we were stopped in our tracks by a green smoke screen only to be hit with a boulder I was ok but Archery cat was badly hurt. I put Archery cat onto his hover board to go back to our room in the inn. Then I shot a fireball blindly at the smoke I heard sound of metal clanging and I could smell burning  flesh. I thought to myself Robo-dogs and I focused all my energy and summoned a fire serpent. It wasn’t very big but it would make do. It incarcerated the dog and the haze was gone and saw the burning metallic metal and fur. I used the little energy I had to walk over the uneven mossy cobblestone until I saw the souvenir shop.

Claw Cat 3

Me and Duli have been helping Archery cat while he was injured for a while  now. “I feel better” Archery cat groaned.    “I think we should check on Kidra” Suggested Duli as he was helping Archery cat up. So they went to the souvenir shop. Only to find Kidra and Billy mcHop “glad you could stop at this very fine shop” Billy mcHop said as he was hopping around on one fine leg. I saw Kidra stumbling around one his paws as he leaned against the brick wall of the shop. Then Duli said “lookout Claw cat someone at the front door!” I managed a little giggle like a crazy person. I turned around and focused on the two mysterious figures at the glass door and they came in. I could vaguely see what they looked like over the horizon. One was black and white like Duli and the other was pink like who knows what! The pink one said “You should advance on your adventure” and the black and white one said “no stay here and give us foot rubs” he said delightfully. As they entered the room I saw them one was a pig other cow. Then Duli rushed towards the cow and said “Waza Super cow and why are you here” “nothings up and no reason” he replied as he shrugged. “Dennykal is coming ” Super cow said wisely. “Whose Dennykal?” Archery cat and I said together. “His another cat” Kidra moaned. I jumped up in shock I completely forgot about Kidra he’d hardly spoke.”He stole the map of Excelsior ”  explained Duli “But only two maps exist!”  yelled Archery Cat.

Claw Cat

I heard a ear bleeding noise coming from the sky. I sprinted out of the shop and my eyes were drawn to the big bright ship in the middle of the dark sky, it was emerging from the clouds. Before my friends could even come out, dark cat and a decrypted robo dog leaped out of the ship. Before i could react a giant rat tackled me to the ground, then merged into me i could feel an unsetteling energy inside of this beast, one that hasn’t been felt for over 10,000 years!!!!

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October 17

Book review of Heroes and Villians

This week we have been learning about book reviews so we wrote our own ones mine is about a book could Heroes and Villians

Heroes and Villains


Do you like reading about mythology? Well if you do you should read Heroes and Villains it’ll be a perfect book for you. It’s by Anthony Horowitz it about 6 or 7 short stories in one book. All the stories are about different myths like: Anglo-Saxon, English, Polynesian and Greece. Anthony Horowitz includes heaps of stuff that’s true.

My favourite part is the rhyme from Gawain and the green knight it went like this: A green knight came, a green knight said will someone please chop of my head? Gawain the true, Gawain the brave took carful aim and cut right through his head, but now it seems is fate for soon he’ll be decapitated! I liked it because of the way it rhymes. There are plenty of other ones like: catching the sun (Polynesian) The Achilles heel (Greek) the mares of Diomedes (Greek)

I recommend this for ages 8’s and up. I give it 4 and a half stars

Overall I think this is a great book and a book you should read

October 17

What book are you reading (Term 4)

Hello, do you like reading I do. What book are you reading? What genre is it? Who’s it by? Do you like it? What do you like/dislike about it? Is it exciting? Whats it about?

I’m reading a book called Heroes of Olympus The House of Hades and its by RICK RIORDAN. It’s the series after Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Percy Jackson and the lightning thief, Percy Jackson and The sea of monsters, Percy Jackson and the titan’s curse, Percy Jackson and the battle of the labyrinth and finally Percy Jackson and the last olympian) It’s also the by the same person who wrote The Kane chronicles (The red pyramid, the throne of fire and the serpents shadow)

October 10

The Diary of a Ice-cream Man (Day 1)

Day 1

Dear Ice-cream diary today I made 17 sells! Which means I got around 134$ from the boss! But my enemy Plum- man and his sidekick Pie-guy got 156$ from 25 sells and my sidekick Cupcake-dude is on holidays, Dang it. I’m going to sabotage there plums and pies! I’ll leave Johnny Wierd who writes ad’s to write something (He’ll probably write an ad).

Do you hate being sleepy in the morning? Well, I for one am so get the new fake-O-you. So you get a kit take a photo of your self  and insert it in the machine and its……. DONE

WARNING: May include hair loss, drowsiness and loss of appetite

OK now back to me so, I sabotaged the pies and plums easily I’ll tell you how. I first “borrowed”(I intended to bring them back) some shaving cream and ear medicine I put the ear medicine in the plum.  I accidently put the whole glass jar in and smashed it into the plum). When I put the shaving cream on the pie some people told me to stop so I sprayed it onto the pie quickly then I sprayed some on the people and threw the bottle and a ice-cream cone at there face looked like this: 🙂 (guess that counts as a sale). I ran back then wrote this.

This is The Ice-cream man signing out, bye.

September 19

Why is the sky blue

This term we have been learning about explanation and we learnt what they need: Teir 3words, Cause and effect and a strong voice. The purpose is to teach.

Why Is The Sky Blue?

Have you ever been playing outside and wondered why the sky is blue? Have you ever wondered what causes green sky? Do you want to learn the experiment of how to make your own blue sky? Do you want to know who discovered why the is blue?  You can learn all of that by reading this!

The sky is blue because blue is the shortest wavelength which results to being faster. Here   are the visible lights


These are the wavelenghts




The rest of the colours are the colours that the sky won’t be like dark red and aqua. All light travels in a straight line until something interferes like a mirror or it gets bent in a prism or it could even get scattered.

The rays of the sun re all the colours of the rainbow including (dark red and aqua) mixed together. So when the rays come down they go through the atmosphere and slows down but when it turns orange it’s when the blue wavelength goes in through the atmosphere for a while it turns orange.




The red light will go slower and goes around the earth that is why you see green sky but the green ray is being shown because of a tornado. The blue light will go slower but since its fast it doesn’t slow down that much (the same with violet but we don’t see it because our eyes aren’t strong enough). When the earth turns we will see the sunset. The light can go through the atmosphere because the light bounces off it.


The person who found out about this amazing stuff about the sky is John Tyndall. When he found out it was known as the Tyndall discovery and he is and Irish Politian.

So now you know all the facts about the blue sky, what causes Blue sky, who discovered it and much more about the sky.




How to Make Your Own Blue Sky

What You Need:

-A large jar



-Dark Room and a torch

What to do:

1. Fill the jar up with water

2. Add a few drops of milk

3. Switch on the torch and shine it should at the bottom of the jar. It should  turn blue

4. Shine the torch through one side of the jar. The torch should be near the middle

5. Go to the other side and look at the light

6. The water should be pink

Why this happens:

The torch acts as the sun and the water is the sky. But the milk is the air molecules. The jar turned blue because when you put the torch at the bottom and the light travels up the container making it blue. When you change the position of the torch it will change colour.

September 13


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