December 19

Term 4 maths project reflection

Our class was told to make  a 3d paper or box model of a new thing that can take the red shipping container on the oval because it has 7/8 equipment and the 7/8 won’t be here next year. My group is Jacob, Jordan, Cian and me. We measured the container and got: 12 1/4 as length and 2 1/4 as with.

I learnt more about measurement because we did a lot of measuring. I learnt there are better ways to get past problem than others. I also learnt how to construct better

Now I can do my measurements. I know how to a paper model of a building. I know the safe way to use a Stanley knife.

I found out if it takes you long to make something then it’ll be better.

A wonder I’m left with is what would it look lie if it is built

December 5

100 word challenge #12

On chrismas eve My sister and I were getting ready for setting up the train when we spoted are werid present it was the wraping was dark purple with are pink ribbon. We both stared at the present wondering what it is.  So we setted up the train we were trying to make it go in a small circle aroung the tree then another going in a bigger circle. Then we plugged it in I controlled the nsteam engine and My sister controled the fliying scotman the next day me and my sister rushed down the purple one was for both of us inside was money.

November 23

My favourite Animal/creature

I like monkeys,chimpanzees and chameleons but most of all i really like penguins. I like monkeys because they swing around high up in the tree and are playful.Monkeys eat:fruit, leaves and nuts .  They are classified as omnivores that means they are like humans who have a similar diet .They live in  India, Indonesia and Thailand and Africa.

Chimpanzees eat meat, seeds, fruit, nuts, leaves and flowers . They are classified as omnivores that means they are like humans who have a similar diet.

Chameleons are cool (kool) because of how they can blend in with other objects. They pretty much just eat insects.

Do you like penguins?

Do you like monkeys?

Do you like chameleons?

Do you like chimpanzees?

Have you been to Africa?

Have you been to India?

Have you been to Thailand?

would you like to go to any of these places?

What is you’re favourite Animal/creature?


November 12

Grandparents are inportant because……..

Grandparents are important because………….if they were not here, I would not be alive.  I have two grandparents, Popa Bernie and Nana Sandra.  They use to be married to each other, but now they have married other people.  Popa Bernie is with a lady called Kanita, and Nana Sandra is married to a man called Chris.  I call him Popa Chris.  So really, I have four grand parents, but two are not related to me.

My grandparents live in Western Australia.  I don’t get to see them much, but I do speak to my Nana Sandra on the phone.  Sometimes we write to each other.  Nana Sandra likes to tell me about stories abut my mum growing up.        They are really funny stories and make me laugh.

I wish I could get to see my grandparents more often.

October 23

100 word challenge

‘What is this’? asked Bob ‘it looks like a acorn replied Apollo’. ‘Lets keep it maybe we should start a acorn collection’ ‘okay’ answered bob

a few days later they had about 1000 acorns they were very proud of themself . Then they gave there acorns to a museum. One day there was a thief. Thiefs usaly go for the valubaule stuff but this thief more liked acorns so he stole the acorns but Bob and Apollo were guarding the museum so they were chasing him. The thief saw them so he was runnig as fast as his feet could carry him he got caught. Bob and Apollo were promouted to a plolice


September 27

Why I Choose My Avatar

My Avatar  well….. it’s not a picture it’s just a black square,(when i log in it is a black square) Because I don’t know how to do a real picture but when I don’t log in it is normal.

I couldn’t understand the instructions from the bogging challenge. But I still like it