July 9

Why is the sky blue

This term we have been learning about explanation we learnt that they need: Teir 3words, Diagrams, a surous voice and cause and effect mine is about why is the sky blue here it is



Why Is The Sky Blue?

Have you ever been playing outside and wondered why the sky is blue? Have you ever wondered what causes green sky? Do you want to learn the experiment of how to make your own blue sky? Do you want to know who discovered why the is blue?  You can learn all of that by reading this!

The sky is blue because blue is the shortest wavelength which results to being faster. Here   are the visible lights














The rest of the colours are the colours that the sky won’t be like dark red and aqua. All light travels in a straight line until something interferes like a mirror or it gets bent in a prism or it could even get scattered.

The rays of the sun re all the colours of the rainbow including (dark red and aqua) mixed together. So when the rays come down they go through the atmosphere and slows down but when it turns orange it’s when the blue wavelength goes in through the atmosphere for a while it turns orange.









The red light will go slower and goes around the earth that is why you see green sky but the green ray is being shown because of a tornado. The blue light will go slower but since its fast it doesn’t slow down that much (the same with violet but we don’t see it because our eyes aren’t strong enough). When the earth turns we will see the sunset. The light can go through the atmosphere because the light bounces off it.


The person who found out about this amazing stuff about the sky is John Tyndall. When he found out it was known as the Tyndall discovery and he is and Irish Politian.

So now you know all the facts about the blue sky, what causes Blue sky, who discovered it and much more about the sky.




How to Make Your Own Blue Sky

What You Need:

-A large jar



-Dark Room and a torch

What to do:

1. Fill the jar up with water

2. Add a few drops of milk

3. Switch on the torch and shine it should at the bottom of the jar. It should  turn blue

4. Shine the torch through one side of the jar. The torch should be near the middle

5. Go to the other side and look at the light

6. The water should be pink

Why this happens:

The torch acts as the sun and the water is the sky. But the milk is the air molecules. The jar turned blue because when you put the torch at the bottom and the light travels up the container making it blue. When you change the position of the torch it will change colour.





This is the wavelenghts

March 9

Bad luck! (writer notebook seed #1)


Bam!! I closed my suitcase. I was getting ready for my trip to Mount Gambier.

“Cloths, check! Shoes, check!” Yelled out Joe

“Joe could you quiet down?” I yelled back.

Im going on the trip with my friend Joe and I will test out my new white PORSCHE. I carefully placed my luggage into the car desperately trying not to scratch it, but Joe he  just chucked it in.

“JOE!!” I said.

“Wow no need to overreact” he replied.

As I carefully drove out of the driveway I heard a pop! I jumped and whacked my head on to roof.

“ouch” I said.

I got out of the car and found that the tyre was flat.

“There’s no tyres in the boot” Joe said

“We can walk to the tyre shop, it’s just over there” I said

“When we got there the tyre shop was closed!”

“DARN IT” I yelled, “We’ll go on the j