November 19

SEPEP Reflection

At the end of the 3rd term and the start of the last term, the year 5/6s started SEPEP. SEPEP stand for  Sport Education in Physical Education Program. In SEPEP we played soccer against other soccer teams in our school. There were a total of ten teams, the teams would be referred to team 1-10 on the leaderboard and when playing they would be referred to as their chosen name. My team was Team 2, and our chosen name was…. The Annoying Oranges. Our team colour were orange (you can guess why we decided on orange). Every week there would be to teams on judy group, in the first week it was team 1 and team 2, in the second week it was team 3 and team 4 e.t.c. When you’re in judy group you have to set up the fields, have a referee for each game, a scorer for each game and a timer for each team. The games would go for 14 minute and half time would be at 7 minutes. Another person that is on judy group is the first aid. There would be one from the judy groups, one of them would stay at a certain game and the other would wonder around to all the fields. My name was made up of Thomas, Mia, Farrah, Sasha, Alexis and Fidelya (and obviously me). Most teams were made of 7 people, but some teams only had  6 or 5.

A question I have is, do kids in other schools do SEPEP like us (do they play soccer?) or do they do a different sport for SEPEP?

The most important thing I’ve learn’t is how to be a good goalie. I learn’t this through out the time that I was goalie and when we practiced. I think that I’ve gotten better at soccer from the first week, this is because of the training we did and the games we played. Altogether I’ve learn’t how to be a good goalie and how to be a better soccer player. I’m going to use these skills for when I play soccer.

November 17

Semester 1 goals

My short term goal for this term will be able to add, multiply, divide and subtract easily with decimals and fraction, I would like to achieve this because I know that later on we will be doing test about fractions and decimals. I know that this goal would be good because in the previous year I did not go so well with things like fractions, decimals etc. I know that I did not go so well in it because of the test we did in year five. This could help me in the future with maths test and lessons.

My long term goal for this semester is that  I would like to achieve is to read books in different areas because my teachers have been telling me to do that, I will achieve this by reading books that my parents recommend like non-fiction books. I think this will help me in the future for things like S.E.A.L, the reason this will help me is because it will expand my knowledge if I read more books about history or I could learn new words from harder books, this can help me with future tasks.


My short term goal for semester 1 was to be able to add, multiply, divide and subtract decimals and fractions, I feel like I achieved it but I can still do better. The reason I feel good with it is because of the lessons we’ve done with it and because of maths groups and I’ve learnt new strategies to do thing easily with decimals. My long term goal for semester 1 was to expand my reading; I think that I have not fully achieved this because I’ve only been reading a couple of different books.

Something I would like to work on is to be more organized with things like my contents page, and my locker. I would like to achieve this because being organized is an important skill. Organizing my contents page would be good because it will help be navigate my interactive notebooks so I can get to lessons easily, If I organize my locker I will be able to get the things I need instead quickly of taking everything out and trying to find my books. This will also help me with my music lesson.

I think that I’ve partly achieved this goal. I have managed to keep my locker in a way that I’m familiar with. I haven’t been filling out my contents pages because I would keep on forgetting about it, I have also not been using it a lot. Having my locker organised has helped me a lot. I‘ve been able to get to music lessons on time, I’ve also been able to do my homework earlier than I use to. I’ve been able to get my books out on time. This has let me been able to get ready for the lesson.

My future goals are to be able to be more organised so I can get to classes quickly. I know that I should work on this because my goals in 2015 were to be to be organised, and I feel that I can be more organised. I would also like to work a lot harder that I able normally do, this is so I can be in the SEAL Program.  If I do this this that means that I’ll achieve my goals that I had at the start of 2015. I also want to make different groups of friends, this will help with my social skills.

October 16

Reflection term 3

Throughout term 3, the 5/6s at MPPS we learnt about economics, in economics we had visits from people that work at the Bendigo bank, had people in our class talk about a certain thing in economics. We learnt about interest, income, needs and wants and goods and services.

During class masters, we have something called a prepared speech, this is when the talker, has a couple of weeks to prepare for the speech, the person talking has two minutes to talk, seeing as our topic was about economics, all the speeches were about economics. I learnt about things like bartering, first and second world countries e.t.c. Mine was about the great depression, researching this has helped me understand more about the crisis and economics, this also taught me words used in economics, like Deflation (when the prices of a product drop by a lot).

Now I understand how economics work, this is from B.T.N and the visit. From B.T.N

October 6

What I’ve learn’t about 3D shapes…

Throughout term 3, the 5/6s started to learn more about three dimensional shapes. Three dimensional shapes (3D shapes or polyhedron) are shapes the have three dimensions, these dimensions are called: width, height and length. An example of a 3D shape would be a cube which is the most common one, or a square. Any shape can be turned into a 3d, all you have to do is add width because 2D shapes have length and height. There are different types of 3D shapes, some of them are: prism and pyramid. A prism is a shape that has parallel sides which rectangles are and the same face at the start and the end, the edges on them are called vertices  and example of one is a triangular prism, this is what they look like.

PrisimA pyramid is one of the the two 3D versions of a triangle, the other version is a triangular prism. A pyramid is a four sided 3D shape with triangles for faces. There are different types of pyramids, like a square based pyramid or a triangular based pyramid. The name of the pyramid is determined on its base, with a prism it’s determined on its face. The point where the triangles meet is called the apex. Here is what a hexagonal based pyramid looks like.

download (2)

August 5

Economics Reflection

On the 5/8/2015 our school had an incursion about economics. Someone from commonwealth Australia came to visit, her name was Lisa. She told us the three things that we should keep in mind to be able to reach our saving goals. The first step is to see what you’re saving for, you can do this by looking through magazines or online, she also said that if we’re looking for the newest model of something we can get the model before that one so we will have it and we can then sell it once we’ve saved up for the newest model (e.g. Instead of getting a ps4 get a ps3). The second step is to earn it. You can earn money by doing chores around your house or come up with a business. Lisa then asked us to turn and talk in a group of three or two and then discusses what a good business would be, its name, where it would be, what would you sell and price. My group was with Ben and Lucca, our businesses name was L.A.B’s Food Shop. We decided that we could start of by selling: Egg and Bacon rolls, sausages and drinks. The final step is to save your money; you can do this by putting some money in the bank and keeping some to spend

July 21

Term 2 unit reflection

During term 2 all the 5/6’s in our school had been assigned to do a project on a certain desert animals. We were given a piece of paper that would say what we were doing and our teacher would put us in a pair with someone else. Our subject throughout term 2 was the structural features and adaptation desert animals have made to survive in the desert. The animal that I received was the Old man salt bush, my partner was charlotte we then decided that we should change from the oldman salt bush because we could not find any information, Lee then gave us the Desert snail.


The desert snail’s shell protect it from desiccation, this is when the water evaporates from the body leaving it to dry up.


The desert snail’s swirls on its shells help it camouflage

May 22

Semester 1 goals

Semester 1 goals


Short Term Goal:

My short term goal for this term will be able to add, multiple, divide and subtract easily with decimals and fraction, I would like to achieve this because I know that later on we will be doing test about fractions and decimals.

Long Term Goal:

My long term goal that I would like to achieve is to read books in different areas because my teachers have been telling me to do that, I will achieve this by reading books that my parents recommend like non-fiction books.

May 18

Term 2 goals

As a result of this unit, I will


Unit Learning Goal 1: Science Understanding         

I will understand how everything that is alive has different structures and adaptions to help them survive in the environment that they’re in.

When… 1 when we’re focusing on the structures of animals and their adaptions


Unit Learning Goal 2: Science as a Human Endeavour

I will describe how scientific discoveries, understandings and inventions have helped people get through their everyday lives



Unit Learning Goal 3: Science Inquiry Skills

I will use different ways of representing things. Tables and graphs will be used to represent observations. I will use the appropriate technology to record it.

When… 4 when we’re using graphs

March 18

Post WWII immigration Reflection

In today’s lesson we learnt about refugees, how they got here and how some did not get to come.

After World War II heaps of people decided to come to Australia because they thought it was safer, or so they could get out of the bad living conditions. Some people were not able to come into Australia because they either didn’t really need to or they didn’t survive the trip. The reason why some people didn’t survive was because they were either to young or old. Sometimes they didn’t survive when the pirates came.

I now understand that not every one can get into Australia, and that the boats are very small. The boats are like fishing boats, although they have to fit heaps of people in there, so its a very tight space.

One questions that I still have is why wont the government just let in the refugees?

The post that was on lees blog is here:   Lees Blog

February 12

Safer internet day 2015

On Tuesday it safer internet day for 2015 but sadly i did not get to be there for the whole thing (because i had to go to my music lesson), in safer internet a girl named Sandy was doing a live thing were she would talk to other people and they would say how to be safe on the internet.

safer internet day

safer internet day