March 23

Gala Sports

On the 6th of March and the 13 of March our school, Moonee Ponds Primary School did something called Gala Sports which is where you choose a sport, the options are: Volleyball, Baseball, Cricket, Bat Tennis. I chose Bat Tennis, and thats the one I did last year. Bat Tennis is a lot like normal tennis, But instead of rackets you have wooden bats. What makes bat tennis harder the normal tennis is that if you hit it softly it will still go pretty far.

We started training a couple of weeks before the first match,we had our doubles team, our singles team, our mixed doubles team and our substitute. I was a doubles partner with Ben for the first week and Abaan and Shanice  for the second week. I won one and lost one with ben. I lost one with Abaan and won one with Shanice.

February 12

Safer internet day 2015

On Tuesday it safer internet day for 2015 but sadly i did not get to be there for the whole thing (because i had to go to my music lesson), in safer internet a girl named Sandy was doing a live thing were she would talk to other people and they would say how to be safe on the internet.

safer internet day

safer internet day

February 9


On Thursday 5/6B did an activity called the carousel, which is when we went around all of the tables in our class and did activities on them. The activities we did were: Aboriginal rock art, My place video, Australian map, Reading task. My table started of on the rock art table. Rock art is what abroignals use to do to tell stories or just draw. There were pictures that aboriginals drew with rocks, above the pictures is said what every symbol means. For example U mean a human,  .. . o … means water hole. The second activity we did was watching my place. My place is a TV series that is based around made up people from a while ago. The ones we watched were about the aboriginal myths. When we finished watching it, we shared the notes we took and told each other how the aboriginals have different beliefs to us and how they danced and settled arguments. The third table we went on was a jigsaw one. In a envelope was a the Australian map, but with pieces missing. What we had to do was put the pieces together with the australian map, while answering questions. The questions were things like:  What was melbournes name back then? What was sydneys name back then? How many tribes do you think there  were? why do you think they had tribes? What do you think would happen if two tribes met? We didn’t get to finish the map of Australia but we did answer all of the questions that were asked. The fourth and final table we did was a reading task. We had to work in groups of two, i worked with Ben G. While reading we had to take notes. There were  different parts of the piece, some explaining what they used to play with, what they wore and how they would redirect the streams of water to go to plant and that whenever the water was down at lakes they would come and find things like seeds.

Once we finished doing this we then had to do our application. Our application task was to draw aboriginal life using the symbols they used. Mine did not include a lot of symbols and instead of doing the life of an aboriginal, I drew the myths they believed, which is all part of something they call the ‘Dream Time’. The Dream Time is when all of their myths took place, like the Rainbow serpent.


December 14

Buddies excursion to botanical garden

On the 12 of December the 5/6’s went to the botanical gardens along with our buddies, my buddy was Mohamed and he was in prep A. We looked around the botanical gardens, the places we went to were: The childrens garden, the lake, the herb garden.

We started off at the children garden, we were split into two different groups one with Rebecca and one with Jess. Mohamed and I went with Rebecca so we had 20 minutes to look around the childrens garden. We saw a place that was filled with bamboo, a place that had a little stream of water. We also saw a plastic statue of an elephant with animals painted on them.

Secondly we went to The Lake where we had to find: Black Swans, Eels and heaps of other animals. Mohamed found some ducks, eels, and heaps of ducks. He liked it when the duck dived under water. We found a couple of different colored ducks and a Black Swan.

Finally we went to the herb garden where we had to find some plants. There were heaps of other plants there like Peppermint and Lavender. The garden was small and some plants where around the outside and some where in the inside of it. Mohamed thought he found some of the plants, but he didn’t. We all then had lunch break and played almost everyone played duck duck goose only 6 people didn’t. Then came the time to say bye to our buddies and go back to school.

December 7

2014 camp reflection (canberra)

On the 24th  of november, M.P.P.S, Years 5 and 6 went to camp. We went to canberra and  stayed on until friday. It took us 11 hours to get there, so finally when we got to canberra we found out our cabins Jess called out the girls and Lee called out the boys. Lee started on cabin 1…. it wasn’t mine, cabin 2…… not mine, cabin 3 mine! I was with Jordan, Jacob and Oliver. We went to the auditorium, were we discussed the rules, we found out we could  do an act tonight. So me Jacob, Jordan and I decided to do a freestyle rap. So on the night we picked some one at random to tell us what top rap about. I couldn’t believe

it when he said ladybugs!! We told everyone to give us 10 seconds to write it all down, we quickly wrote it down….



This is a rap ’bout’ ladybugs LADYBUGS!

Like in bugs life there bug thugs BUG THUGS!

???????????????????????????????????????????????????? there so awesome they dont shout yipee YIPEE!


Another highlight would have to be questacon at questacon we went down a slide called the free fall. You climb a flight of stairs and then hold onto a bar above a slide that goes straight down and then curves!

A thing i learnt was that when your 16 you must enroll to vote and the politicians dont yell alot.

free fallfree fall

September 13


T.O.M stands for tonuments of mind and I was involved in it so what you do is you have 6 weeks to come up with a good play to act, but our school moonee ponds central school unfortuanetly our school only had 5 weeks because it started on the holidays :(. The people in my group where: Thomas, Jordan, Mali, Mia, Charlotte, Bridget and I. Thomas was a spider and a king, Jordan was a nariator, Mali was a evil witch, Mia was Katness, Charlotte was a evil witch and the Author, Bridget was Pearl and I was a spider, a random tree that looks at everyone and a servant

We had a choice to choose whitch type of play there was:  Language and litctrsher  (we did that type and I think that’s how you spell litcrtsher) The social science’s (all the other teams did it) The applied tehcnology (nobody did that one) and Maths n engerning (nobody did it).

The whole T.O.M group had to decide what days we stay behind on so we all agreed on Tuseday and Wensday and we got to bring food on that day!

On the day I was SO NERVEOUS I was in my costume  and my mum was driving me to La trobe university I found Jordan there running around with a balloon he was the first in my team there.

First we went into spontaneous challenge in it you have a time limit to answer sa question the question was something about monkeys

Finally we did the performance it was scary but I think we did a really good job