August 18

6 Room Poem Process

On the 18/8/15 we learnt about the 6 room poetry. This helps you with writing poems.

Room 1= The first room is where you imagine your thing, it can be something, beautiful or interesting for you.

Room 2= In this room you picture the colours that you see when you picture it.

Room 3= This one is  similar to room 2 but instead of picturing the colours, you picture the sounds that you here.

Room 4= You ask yourself a question about the place or thing you pictured, like what is it?

Room 5= When picturing your image what do you feel?

Room 6= In room 6 you right down your favourite line/phrase three times.

Once our class did this process we came up with poems.This is my poem:


pitch black is the colour of thee,

with little bright lights,

like a street light at night.

It makes no sound,

not one at all.



Is it infinite?





Here is a link to the one I did in year 3:

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August 14


The stone slab laid there,

As if it had nothing better to do.

Words were inscripted upon it,

the only words she could make out were 1918.

Her rock cold skin was beginning to crumble,

she was a symbol of time,

symbolizing the beginning and it came,

the end.


She was stuck there,

unnoticed by many yet at the same time,

noticed by many.

She was both happy, sad and confused,

she wished she was incapable of feeling emotions.

The stone slab laid there.

For eternity.

Until the end.

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June 12


PoemOn the 27th of may 2015 we had the Simultaneous Reading Day. A teacher called David who is a 3/4  teacher read the book to everyone in the school. The book that David read to us was called The Brothers Quibble after we read it we had to do something based on the story. The 5/6’s had to make a poem of an important event in our history, I did when I was born.

My name was decided.                                                                                    Atticus it was.                                                                                                   I was briefly blinded,                                                                                       by the sun of Oz

I could only move a tad.                                                                                  Maybe I was happy.                                                                                         I saw my mum and dad,                                                                                  but that’s just a memory

October 10

My 1 poem

Unstoppable tortoise

Sleep mad   shoot fluently   kick weirdly   brave murder   die confusley

 river plant   angry left out fish   woke up squished

studpidly kill unstoppable tortiose

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