February 9


On Thursday 5/6B did an activity called the carousel, which is when we went around all of the tables in our class and did activities on them. The activities we did were: Aboriginal rock art, My place video, Australian map, Reading task. My table started of on the rock art table. Rock art is what abroignals use to do to tell stories or just draw. There were pictures that aboriginals drew with rocks, above the pictures is said what every symbol means. For example U mean a human,  .. . o … means water hole. The second activity we did was watching my place. My place is a TV series that is based around made up people from a while ago. The ones we watched were about the aboriginal myths. When we finished watching it, we shared the notes we took and told each other how the aboriginals have different beliefs to us and how they danced and settled arguments. The third table we went on was a jigsaw one. In a envelope was a the Australian map, but with pieces missing. What we had to do was put the pieces together with the australian map, while answering questions. The questions were things like:  What was melbournes name back then? What was sydneys name back then? How many tribes do you think there  were? why do you think they had tribes? What do you think would happen if two tribes met? We didn’t get to finish the map of Australia but we did answer all of the questions that were asked. The fourth and final table we did was a reading task. We had to work in groups of two, i worked with Ben G. While reading we had to take notes. There were  different parts of the piece, some explaining what they used to play with, what they wore and how they would redirect the streams of water to go to plant and that whenever the water was down at lakes they would come and find things like seeds.

Once we finished doing this we then had to do our application. Our application task was to draw aboriginal life using the symbols they used. Mine did not include a lot of symbols and instead of doing the life of an aboriginal, I drew the myths they believed, which is all part of something they call the ‘Dream Time’. The Dream Time is when all of their myths took place, like the Rainbow serpent.


December 1

windpower P.M.I

Plus Minus Interesting
It is environmentally friendly

People still use wind power.

Cheaper power.

Animals can fly into the windmill blades.

Not many people use wind power.

It takes up a lot of space.

That they use wind to make electricity.

They make full farms just for making windpower.


May 28

100WC Week 34#

I was running trying desperately to get away from my fear of crowd also known as Anthropophobia. I was surrounded by crowds of people. There were too many. I ran up a tree trying to get away from the crowd, higher, higher and higher. I finally got to the top. But I was still scared I closed my eyes and tucked my legs under my shirt and rocking back and forth, saying ‘It’s just people It’s just people, nothing to be afraid of’. I decided to face my fear, I raced into the crowd screaming until it was better. The End

May 20

100WC Week 33

To Whom It May Concern,

I strongly believe that Lucy should be given a education at a school. If Lucy doesn’t go to school she wont get a good education, and if she’ll doesn’t get a could education she won’t get a good job and if she doesn’t get a good job she won’t have a good life. If Lucy goes to school she’ll get a good education and she’ll get a good job and she’ll get a good life. So for all this reason I believe she should definitely go to a good school. So please let her go to school

April 28

100WC Week 30#

“Hello?” I called out in a scared tone.

SLAM! the door behind shut. I slowly walked up the stairs.*creek* the stairs weren’t sturdy. I quickly turned around to see nothing but a curtain dancing in the wind. Bzzzzzz!

“what was that?” I wondered.

“WHOA!” I yelled in surprise.

the stair i was walking on fell and hit the ground with a thud. I was holding onto the rail with my feet dangling over the edge.BOOM KAZOOM WAZOOM! in no time I got back to the top.I saw a greenish light coming out from my room so I decied to go for the blue light from the cupboard and when i opened the cupboard door…. KAZANG

March 31

100WC Week 28

click below for a audio

I ran through the city of Perth I slowly gained speed, but then I was puffed as a puffer fish. My breathing was unsteady, I was still scared, and I was thinking of what would’ve happened and what will happen. I ran into an alleyway but that was probably the worst idea seeing as in movies the guy always dies. If I had enough time I  might be able to jump onto the ladder. Well at least I thought I had enough time. The giant shadow loomed over me, I was to scared to look and I ran as fast as I could… but I was to late my last word were: AHHH!

March 27

spelling week 9

Activity One:
The immunization was important to the person who did the demonstrations because he always go the flu. He first got the flu when he went to see the guillotine  and he saw the executive  manager of a financial business.
Activity Two:
Immunization-when you get injected with something

Demonstrations-demonstrates plural

Guillotine-When your beheaded the use a guillotine

Executive-the executive branch of a government.

Financial- stuff that involves money

Activity Three:
The state government spends its funds through a series of departments, each of which provides series for the public. Each department is responsible to a cabinet minister, but has a permanent head as well. This permanent head is a senior public servant, who usually holds his or her position for many years. On the other hand, the Cabinet ministers change from time to time, usually as a result of elections.

Activity Four:

Prefix /
Meaning Example Example 1 Example 2 Example 3

underneath            under           unsure      unfordable

Multi-                     multiple     multiplication multicultural
Over-                   overall          overwhelmed   overplump


supermarket         superman

-ish        Selfish                fish

-ss          less                        worthless           nothingness

-er          reader          cleaner      baker