October 28

Scientific Lab Report: Juicy Circuit

Aim: To identify if an apple can be used to complete a circuit and if so, why?

Hypothesis: The circuit will work, I think it’ll because it has liquid that works because liquid and liquid is a conductor


1x Apple    1x Circuit   1x Light Bulb    1x Scissor   2x 11 inch wire   1x Power Box


Step 1:  Cut the two wires into halves.

Step 2:  Cut the apple into halves.

Step 3:  Tie the two wires onto the wire spots on the power box.

Step 4:  Stick the wire that a tied up into the apple parts.

Step 5:  Put the other wires in the apple parts, and then put clips on the wires.

Step 6:  Hook the clips up to the light bulb, turn it up to 6 volts.

Observation:      When it was on 3v it would only go on for a split second, when it was on 6v it went on forever. When we finished, the apples looked the same. When the wires were not cut and we stuck them through the apple, it didn’t work, but when they we cut it, it worked

Here is a picture of our experiment. It looks like the wires aren’t cut but they are.


This happened because of the acid inside of apples (malic acid) makes charged particles/ions when in contact with a liquid solution, in this case the juice of the apple. When a wire is connected to it, it transports the ions to the wire which then power the light bulb that was used. Ions only have positive particles in it, so we needed to put the negative wire in it so it could work.


If we do this experiment again, we should try it with other types of apples, other fruits or things with citric/malic acid. Our theory for our experiment (that it’ll work) was true, but we had to change it a bit.

May 18

Term 1 Goal Reflection

Last term (term 1 and a bit of term 2) we learnt about the History of Australia, then we got into a group of two or three and chose someone or something in history to do a project on.

The year 5’s had to do one about the 18OO’s and the year 6’s had to do one about the 19OO’s . Ben W and I worked together and decided to do it on Eddie Mabo. We also had to choose a way to present and make a word document for Lee, then choose out of a PowerPoint or a Interview/play to present it to the class. Most people chose the PowerPoint but some chose an interview/play. We decided to do the PowerPoint


3. I learnt how a lot of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders had a big impact on the history of Australia. One Torres Strait Islander that did this was Eddie Mabo, he got land rights for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Eddie Mabo decided to try and get rights for Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders because he wanted to be treated how we’re treated. Eddie Mabo was trying to get Land rights so Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders could own land. Eddie Mabo did get the land rights, so this made a lot of other Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders decided to try and get them.

2. I learnt that only a small amount of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders tried to get rights for Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders. The reason most people tried to get rights for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders is because they saw Eddie Mabo do it so they thought they could do it. When most Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders tried to get rights they normally failed, but some managed to get them. Getting right for Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders was a very important part of Australian history because Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders are normally not treated well and have no rights.

1.  When Eddie Mabo was 16 he was banished from the island of Mer he then started to work for white people at the James Cook University as a gardener. But none of the white people treated him well so they didn’t treat him well. This is another reason why he was trying to get rights.


2. I now understand that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders were never treated well, but now since they’ve gotten rights they are not treated as bad as they were before. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders were not treated well because they are a different race.

1. When the gold rush happened a lot of white people payed some Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders to take care of the children, they never got any of the credit when they found gold someone else would just take it. They took the credit because they did not care about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.


1. When will Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders be respected and have all the rights that we do today?

What were the most important things I have learnt?

The most important thing I learnt was that a lot of people have tried to get Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal rights but only a few have actually succeeded. I think the reason that some of them didn’t succeed is because of some people still don’t believe that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders should have rights.

How did I learn it?

I learnt this from researching and listening to other people presenting. I looked mainly at the wikipedia and learnt about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders on the gold fields from year fives who did theirs on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders on the gold fields.

What am I going to do with what I have learnt?

I’m going to use my knowledge about Eddie Mabo and other important people/moments to help me with test in the future. This will help me get good grades. I’m also going to use it for other lessons during school, the lessons will be about history because that’s what this is.

I have learn’t about how aboriginals and torres strait islanders have not been respected through at the history of Australia

December 14

What I’m looking forward to next year

Hello teacher for 2015 (Liz, Jess and Lee) I’ve been tasked to write about what I’m looking forward to for next year, but it has to be 350 words or more! So this means I should put a lot of detail into this.

First of all for 2015 I’m looking forward to having a leader ship role. I’m looking forward to this because I will feel proud of myself. Another part of having the leader ship role means younger kids will look up to me.

Another thing I’m  looking forward to next year is graduation it’s not like I’m happy that I’ll leave school, I will be a bit I’m looking sad. But the part that I’m looking forward to is getting the certificate and everything and also for seeing if I’m going to my sister’s high school.

Being a role model is another thing I’m looking forward to because it’ll be my chance to show all the kids how to act. It’ll also be my 7th year at M.P.P.S and it’ll also be my final year here.

Also being a buddy again will be fun. I’ve enjoyed being with my buddy Mohamed so I predict I’ll like it next year as well. When you’re a buddy it’s your chance to show them how to act at school, and learn how to, do things. I taught my buddy and to write neatly and how to be nice to people.

I’m looking forward for camp (Phillip Island) because I’ve never been to Phillip Island. I will also enjoy how I can be with my friends who are currently in year 4.

Another thing I’m looking forward to is if they have new teachers. It’s not that I don’t want of the current teachers. I’d just like to see how to teach because I’ve seen all the 5/6 teachers when we put the classes together.

Next year I’m also looking forward to making new friends. Because when you’re in new classes you can make new friends and be with year five friends.

So this is the stuff I’m looking forward to next year


September 19

Why is the sky blue

This term we have been learning about explanation and we learnt what they need: Teir 3words, Cause and effect and a strong voice. The purpose is to teach.

Why Is The Sky Blue?

Have you ever been playing outside and wondered why the sky is blue? Have you ever wondered what causes green sky? Do you want to learn the experiment of how to make your own blue sky? Do you want to know who discovered why the is blue?  You can learn all of that by reading this!

The sky is blue because blue is the shortest wavelength which results to being faster. Here   are the visible lights


These are the wavelenghts




The rest of the colours are the colours that the sky won’t be like dark red and aqua. All light travels in a straight line until something interferes like a mirror or it gets bent in a prism or it could even get scattered.

The rays of the sun re all the colours of the rainbow including (dark red and aqua) mixed together. So when the rays come down they go through the atmosphere and slows down but when it turns orange it’s when the blue wavelength goes in through the atmosphere for a while it turns orange.




The red light will go slower and goes around the earth that is why you see green sky but the green ray is being shown because of a tornado. The blue light will go slower but since its fast it doesn’t slow down that much (the same with violet but we don’t see it because our eyes aren’t strong enough). When the earth turns we will see the sunset. The light can go through the atmosphere because the light bounces off it.


The person who found out about this amazing stuff about the sky is John Tyndall. When he found out it was known as the Tyndall discovery and he is and Irish Politian.

So now you know all the facts about the blue sky, what causes Blue sky, who discovered it and much more about the sky.




How to Make Your Own Blue Sky

What You Need:

-A large jar



-Dark Room and a torch

What to do:

1. Fill the jar up with water

2. Add a few drops of milk

3. Switch on the torch and shine it should at the bottom of the jar. It should  turn blue

4. Shine the torch through one side of the jar. The torch should be near the middle

5. Go to the other side and look at the light

6. The water should be pink

Why this happens:

The torch acts as the sun and the water is the sky. But the milk is the air molecules. The jar turned blue because when you put the torch at the bottom and the light travels up the container making it blue. When you change the position of the torch it will change colour.

September 2


Are you a poacher? Do you support poaches? Poaches assasisnate creatures and because of that some have became EXTINCT!! Because of Poaches!! Poaches are EVIL they should stop assassinating creatures because its USLESS.

Poaches usally assassinate creatures that  people think are dangrous. Once a year at least 320 sharks are harvested per year! Poaches murder alot of creaturs for fur. The rhinocres are hunted for their horn whitch is just nail. People who dont kill them just simply cut of the horns to be deffended. So choose be a smelly poacher or not!








September 2

Why You Should Be Healthy

Why You Should Be Healthy


Do you want to be healthy and happy all your life? Do you want to look like this? Being healthy can do that here are my reasons.

Firstly you’ll be very happy all your life. You won’t be teased because you’ll be very fit and healthy. You’ll be happier if you’re fit. Because your body produces this thing called dopamine. Ask someone who was been unhealthy or someone who is unhealthy. Like your neighbour all your friend. They’d say that it was embarrassing or it was embarrassing. They will also say they were sad but know there happy and now since there fit they are very happy.

Secondly you should be healthy because you get to live longer being unhealthy is pretty much suicide. A lot of people will tell you that you should be healthy now!!! You should believe me because I’m healthy and I know a lot of people who are healthy. Scientist will tell you that people who aren’t healthy don’t live as long as people who are healthy and unhealthy people won’t be as happy as healthy people. I’m healthy and it makes me very happy which brings me to my next point being happy.

Thirdly you will be the HAPPIST person out of all the unhealthy people so that will mean that you will be very happy so happy that you won’t realise how happy they are. For example have you ever seen someone who is unhealthy with a big smile on their face?  I mostly see them with a sad face on their face. Nobody wants to be sad! So you should stay or turn healthy now!! Australia is one of the most obsess county on this side of the world we must put a stop to this! Do you want to be known as the fattest county on earth?

Finally being fat and unhealthy sucks! Everyone will tease you so if your healthy you will be tease proof!! So be tease proof by getting fit today it’ll be simple just exercise 30 minutes a day even just jog around the block. If you’re fit you can play thousands of fun, healthy sports like: Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, Bike riding and more.

So all my points should’ve convinced you to be healthy all of this is true even ask a sciences so you should be getting fit by the time you finish reading this. If you definitely decide to be healthy I support you here are some tips when you’re trying to get healthy wash your hands before dinner try to avoid stuff like dirty water because it have germs.  I hope you’re will get healthy.


By Atticus