April 21

Internet safety and Digital Licence

While the year fives were doing NAPLAN, the year sixes got their ‘digital licence’ which means that we can safely go on the internet. There are a total of 8 modules.

The first module was about how to look after your digital devices. This included questions about making sure you have a secure password, don’t use another person’s internet without their permission and more. One of the main questions in this was about viruses. Viruses are things that can harm your computer, there are many ways to protect your computer from getting it and there are also many ways of getting it. Were you install something that stops viruses it may not always stop it. The virus called ‘The cookie’ just monitors what you are looking at so its pretty much harmless.

The second module was called ‘Protecting Privacy’ and it was about protecting your privacy.It was also saying that you should have strong password, one with capitals and random symbols. An example of one would be p@$$VV0rI). This would be a good one because its not in the dictionary it has random symbols which will make it hard to guess so nobody can get in. It was also about websites that you can’t trust and how to tell if you have found a  website that can harm your computer.

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