August 20

Fairy Business

A girl called Samara Welbourne, and she makes fairy houses. She started the fairy houses a while ago and was so successful that she even wrote a book about it. She came up with the idea when she was doing a fundraiser with her friend, they sold fairy houses and made $400! She came up with the idea of making fairy houses when people started asking her things about the houses, eventually her mum told her that she should make a book on it. Because of all of this she now goes to schools to teach kids about fairy houses!

One question I still have is, will she continue this into her elderly ages?

August 13

BTN: Greece

Greece is currently experiencing some problems around money. Greece has spent lots of money on other things. They then had to borrow money from other Europeans countries. But now they’ve been stricter, families in Greece a now unhappy with the things like taxes,this had led to some protesting. This has also lead to a smaller amount of jobs, leading to people living on their salary or money from their grandparents because no-one can get a job. Europe has now asked Greece to agree to more strict  austerity conditions. Now many people would rather refuse the austerity because of what its causing. Greece has also agreed to the deal, which is asking for more of their money back.

One question I still have is, will Greece be able to satisfy their citizens.

August 7

BTN:GST Changes

GST stand for goods and services taxes. GST is when you buy something, and then some of the money goes toward the government, but its mainly foods. Some items like bread, fish, dairy products e.t.c are excluded from GST, this is because they are basic food that we need. So this means that pretty much everyone has paid GST because pretty much everyone has bought something that is not basic food. The government has decided to either increase the GST by a bit or remove some of the basic foods.

July 28

BTN: School economics

The education minster has now declared that schools teach economics. Learning economics can help your life, this is because being able to make decision is important to make sure you don’t encounter money problems. Learning maths at school can also help you with money problems. Some people believe that teachers shouldn’t be teaching economics at schools because their curriculum is full.

One question I still have is, what will the people that don’t think kids should economics about this?

July 22

BTN:Visiting Pluto


A Spaceship called new horizon has recently reached it’s goal, taking photos of Pluto. Pluto was discovered in 1930 by someone called Clyde Tombaugh, he discovered when looking at start through a telescope and then saw one moving, this was a planet that he named Pluto. Pluto is a small planet, this is why its called a dwarf planet. I understand that photos help scientist with learning about planets e.t.c, I also understand that Pluto is a planet that is faraway from earth, Its also so small that it is in a class called a dwarf planet.

One question I still have is, will new horizon go to different planets once it has a sufficient amount of photos?

June 19

BTN: Underwater Robots

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This BTN story was about underwater robots.

A group of people have made something call a sea perch, sea perches are vehicles that can travel underwater. They made this so that they could make it do obstacle courses and do a competition, it was made out of cheap materials so they didn’t have to pay a lot. I understand that they had to program the robot by themselves, this was difficult because programming can be difficult. Another challenge they faced was building it, this is because build robots that go underwater can be a challenge.

One question I still have is, were they successful in the competition?

June 9

BTN: Modern Shakespeare

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This BTN story was about the Shakespeare.

Shakespeare is a writer who was born in England, 1564 his written a lot of plays such as Mc Beth which is over 400 years old. Now some people are making plays about Shakespeare that are aimed at younger kids because Shakespeare is more for high school kids. A lot of people say his an important writer and people have done a lot of plays on it.

One question I still have is what’s his most known play?

June 1

BTN: Podcast Kid

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This BTN story was about podcasts.

Many of you probably know what doctor who is, it is a sci-fi TV series. Benjamin who is 13 does things called podcasts which it were you do a audio recording of you talking about things. His podcast have been so good that he was interviewed some people and turned it into a live action play. To make a podcast you do not need a lot of knowledge around technology and you can find heaps of examples of podcast online, you also need a computer.

One question I still have is how did he start this?

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May 27

BTN: Coober Pedy Kids

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This BTN story was about a place called Coober Pedy.

Coober Pedy is a place that is 800K’s north of Adelaide. Aboriginals people used to live there for a while, and still do. People first came to Coober Pedy because of Opals, Opals are a valuable type of gem so a lot of people became rich from this. I understand that a lot of people lived underground to keep cool and that Opals are rare.

One question I’m still left with is how rich would people have gotten from Opals when this was first found?

May 19

BTN: Battery Breakthrough

This BTN story was about powering your home.

Electricity is the thing that powers your lights, chargers and TV’s. Electricity is coal that has been burnt, but burning coal can be bad for the environment thats why some people use wind power or solar power to power their house. The bad thing about wind power and solar power is that it is not very reliable, Some days it might be cloudy so you cant get any sun, or maybe there wont be any wind. A lot of people are trying to find new alternatives to this, recently there has been an invention that can store a lot of sun so it can last the whole night!

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