December 9

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

On the 9/12/15, the grade 5/6’s and preps went on a excursion to the Royal Botanic Gardens. We got to go with our prep buddies as well, my buddy isis called Atticus, like me! The bus trip to the gardens took a while, but we managed to survive! The first place we went to was the central lake where  we had to spot some birds and eels, we managed to spot all the birds and an eel. We also had to ask our buddies what they saw, felt, smelt and heard. We then got to have recess, after that we headed to the herb garden. At the herb garden we had to ask our buddies what they saw, felt, smelt and heard again (we had to ALWAYS ask it) we then had to find certain herbs like a pineapple sage, then we had to draw a picture of it and write a description. After we did this we got to have lunch, then a toilet break.

After we had our toilet break we got to have a big game of duck duck goose, we soon finished that and then started playing Toilet Tigy. Finally we went to wait for our buses and go back to school.


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