December 3


The ice blew over Eureka; it covered a tall medieval tower. A gold bell was at the top it was beginning to rust, moss was crawling over it. Inscribed upon the gold bell were golden words. The words have been there since the dawn of time. The people of Eureka use to gently nurture the bell, like a new born baby. But over time, the bell began to fade from their memories. Except for one person, he would stand on the tower, staring at the words. He wore a maroon coloured cloak that would drag on the floor as he walked. His cloak drooped over his face; it only left his mouth visible. Underneath the cloak was a scared, weak and clueless boy named Jim.  He had sea-blue eyes, brown curly hair and olive coloured skin. He read the inscriptions in his head.

‘The one with ancient blood, the descended one from the hero, shall save the sky, and Eureka. Jim let out a small sigh, he knew that it wasn’t talking about him, he was weak scared and clueless.

‘BOO!’ A voice yelled.

Jim jumped, and let out a small yelp

‘It me, Tony, I got back from my trip!’ He exclaimed with delight.

Jim went over to the lookout point and removed the hood that drooped onto his face; a big lump of snow came roaring down from the top of the roof and right into Jims face. He shook his head and wiped of the snow, he let out a small chuckle and then waved at Tony. Tony was standing on the pavement, and in front of all of the wooden houses. A small red speck of snow floated gracefully down onto Jim’s nose. Jim looked up, he saw the sad blocked out sky beginning to appear, but something was different, the sky was a blood red colour!

‘Jim, come down quick!’ Tony yelled in a worried tone.

Jim looked up at the sky again, all the snow in Eureka had turned red, and it had changed the direction it was going! It was heading toward the tower! Jim swiftly jumped to the stairs, he ran down the first flight of stair, suddenly, he tripped over his cloak, he fell down all the stairs and got to the bottom, the snow then came pouring through the tower, and it was destroying every part of it. It came down and knocked Jim straight into Tony. He had a cut on his forehead, his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

‘Jim!’ Tony called, ‘Jim can you hear me?!’ he got no reply. A wave if shock went over Tony. He picked Jim up and carried him to a safe spot. He violently ripped a leaf of a nearby tree. He put it onto Jims cut and pressed down. He remembered his first aid training; he knew a way to make him conscious. SLAP! Jim had lifted his head up; he had a big red mark on his cheek.

‘What was that for?!’ Jim furiously questioned.

‘It’s how my mum said to make people conscious!’ he yelled back

‘Oh yeah, my bed taught me this!’ Jim replied. He then punched Tony right in the nose.

‘OK, let’s stop fighting’ Tony said, he didn’t even make a move towards his nose, mainly because Jim can’t punch at all.

‘Well were even now!’ Jim replied happily

Bang! The sky started to turn into a more intense red, with other dark, sad colours. A star shaped cut began to form in the sky. A black figure emerged out of the cut; it gracefully floated down to the ground. Its form then began to shimmer, and then waver. It then grew bat-like wings; the figure remained the same for a while, until it began keep on changing its shape. The wings slowly turned into arms, as if it didn’t know what to take shape of. Finally it decided to take the form of a black circle, it began to waver some more. A top hat came out of the cut and landed on its face. A monocle then fell from the top of the hat onto where its eyes would’ve been.

‘Listen up you, irregular circles!’ Its voice boomed. ‘The names Cox Code and I’m here to take over your world’ Cox Code explained. ‘You’re probably wondering’ Cox Code then made a mouth appear on his face, then stuck out a tongue ‘Derrrrr, then why’s the sky falling’ Cox Code said in his stupidest voice possible. ‘Well, my uneducated creatures, I don’t really like the current sky, or any of you, and your creations, so, to sum it up, I hate all of you.’ Cox Code said in a blunt voice. ‘So, I’m going to make the sky fall so it can crush all of you, crush all your creations, and then I can make my new sky!’ Cox said in a happy tone.

‘Pfffft, yeah right, I doubt you can do that your probably just some phony’ one person said.

‘I can do lots of things, lots of things’ Cox explained ‘including this!’ Cox then grew an arm, and then clicked its hands, making the insulter, turn into a duck. ‘I like you better as a duck’ Cox said while putting its new hand onto its mouth. It clicked again and its mouth and hand retracted.

Jim and Tony were sprinting toward were Cox was. Tony then saw the cut in the sky and Cox. Tony then tapped Jim on his shoulder.

‘Look’ he said as he was pointing at the sky.

‘What’s happening?’ Jim asked.

‘I don’t know, let’s go and see’ Tony replied in a worried tone.

They started to run again, when they finally reached to where Cox had made his debut, he had disappeared. They agreed to go around ask what happened. Most people they tried to talk to were too shocked to talk, until they met an old hag. After ten minutes of explaining and questioning, they finally caught up with what happened.

‘Where is he now?’ Tony questioned as he was looking across at the duck that was randomly quacking.

‘It floated over to the tallest place in Eureka, Mount Alta Ferentis’ the hag answered.

‘How can we stop it? Where does it come from?’ Jim asked

‘Cox is a demon. No one knows where it comes from and what it wants. The only thing that people know about it is that it has been around for centuries’ the hag said in a sad tone.

Another rumble started. The earth began to shake, rock began to fall. Cox was coming again.

‘Yawn’ Cox said while making some arms come out of its weird body, and then hanged them out from its side. ‘Phew, paper work is pretty hard, but now it’s official, I’m your new overlord for eternity’ Cox yelled in excitement. ‘Still can’t believe all the paper work I had to do….’ Its voice began to trail of.

‘What do you want with our world?’ Jim took a step forward.

‘Wow kiddo. Don’t get angry, all I’m doing is taking over your world, and that’s ‘cause I’m bored. You better stay out of ma business; you don’t wanna mess with this stuff’ Cox said, with a little bit of anger.

‘No!’ Jim yelled back defiantly.

‘OK, you asked for it kiddo’ Cox then zapped a lightning bolt at Jim. ‘Hisssss’ Cox hissed ‘ancient blood, you’re stronger than you look kiddo’ Cox then floated over to where he did its paper work

‘Ancient blood…’ Jim muttered.

Yet again, another rumble began, but this time the sky was shaking!

Tony looked up ‘We don’t have a lot of time Jim, the sky is gonna fall on us soon maybe he shou-‘

‘Let’s stop Cox’ Jim interrupted

‘Hey, don’t interrupt me!’ Tony said a little bit hurt.

‘Let’s go to where Cox is going’ Jim ordered. ‘It’s the tallest place in Eureka, we might be able to stop Cox and stop the sky from falling.

Tony nodded. They began to head toward Mount Alta Ferentis. They looked where Cox was staying; they knew he was coming back. After a long hike of the mountain they took a small break. They looked at the sky, then at the cut. Small black dots began to flow out of the cut.

‘It bought minions’ Jim pointed out.

‘We should hurry’ Tony replied.

The town was on fire. The minions were making everything burn. They captured almost everyone, and they destroyed almost everything. The minions looked at where Cox was staying.

‘Maesteyer’ they began to chant.

One of them looked at the mountain, then spotted Jim and Tony.

‘Maesteyer in trouvle’ it told its fellow minions.

They all looked into the direction of them, and then did a small nod.

‘Dis batter stewp dem’ one said, it then shot a beam of darkness at a rock.

Tony looked up; a rock was coming down straight onto Jim! Tony jumped onto Jim.

‘Wha- Why?!’ Jim stumbled as he talked.

‘There’s a rock slide’ Tony quickly replied.

Another rock came down. They looked behind themselves, saw a cave and jumped into it. They watched all of the rock come roaring down.  They took this chance to take a break. When the rocks had finished falling, they decided to continue their journey.

The minions looked at Jim and Tony again. ‘Fines, I go dal wit dem, yous stey ‘ere’ the leader of the minions said. It began to hover, and then swiftly flew towards the mountain.

‘We better continue, but go a lot faster, I feel like the Cox’s backup is coming to us soon’ Jim said as they were getting out of the cave.

‘Good idea’ Tony replied.

They resumed their long journey to the top of the hill. Jim glanced at the sky. Gee, it’s getting pretty close, Jim thought. The sky was begging to turn into a more intense red the closer it got. Then he saw a small gleam in the sky, it has the body of a lion, a human head with three rows of sharp teeth and bat like wings.

‘Yous goes aways’ a trumpet like voice boomed.

‘Oh no’ Tony muttered ‘A Manticore, it’s a type of Greek mythical creature. I wonder how it got here’ Tony explained

‘Cox’s world is spilling into ours’ Jim answered

‘Yous stahps talked, ‘cause me no like yous, so me hit you’ the beast said as it raised it paw.

Jim pushed Tony out of the way, just before he was wacked where Tony was.

‘Plaz stahps moves, me nead diner’ It said, trying to be fluent as it was talking.

‘How can we defeat him?’ Jim asked.

‘I don’t know’ Tony yelled as the Manticore wacked him. Tony then hit a wall.

The Manticore then made its way towards Jim. The Manticore then brought its claw down onto Jim, just before the Manticore hit him, Jim picked up a rock and put it were the Manticore was aiming for. As soon as the Manticore hit the rock, it stumbled back. Jim looked at the rock; the Manticore’s claw was stuck in the rock. The claw went all the way through the rock and made contact with his chest, luckily it didn’t go deep. The Manticore hit the ground at the edge of the cliff. It was trying to get up but couldn’t. Jim then through a rock at where the Manticore was, it hit a crack that appeared when it fell, the crack got bigger, and then the whole floor broke.

‘Waaaaah, whys you did dis? Nut fayre’ the Manticore yelped.

‘You OK?’ Tony asked Jim.

‘Yeah, I’m good thanks’ he replied.

Tony ripped a piece of cloth off his top, and then wrapped it around Jim’s wound. Jim smiled. Jim then picked up the claw and put it in his pocket. Then they continued their trip up to the top.  Finally they reached the top. Then they saw Cox’s tower.


‘Well, well, well. Looks like you’ve made it to the top’ A voice boomed.

Cox then appeared out of the tower. It snapped its fingers, arms and legs began to grow out of it.

‘I could knock you down the mountain, then no one could save your planet, or I could do this’ Cox said as it snapped its fingers.

The sky boomed again, but this time, the sky got a lot closer. The top of the mountain began to crumble, and so was Cox’s tower.

‘I probably should’ve made my tower after the sky fell…’ Cox said a bit disappointed.

‘Tony, I’ve thought of an idea’ Jim whispered as Cox was thinking about the paper work he did. ‘We get Cox to hold up the sky’ Jim finished

‘What?! How?’ Tony questioned

‘I don’t know, let’s try to trick him’

‘I have an Idea’. ‘Hey Cox’ Tony yelled.

Cox flew straight off to Tony’s face.

‘WHAT?’ Cox yelled at Tony.

‘Errr, walk over to where the sky is touching the mountain’ Tony said.

‘Naaaw, maybe I’ll do this!’ Cox said as he picked Tony up by his collar.

Jim jumped straight onto Cox. ‘Why am I doing this?’ Jim thought. He was a weak, scared, clueless boy. But Jim continued attacking Cox. Cox dropped Tony and jumped onto Jim. Cox slapped Jim right in the face; Jim retaliated by trying his best to punch Cox. Cox then lifted up Jim and ripped his cloak off. It then dropped Jim onto the ground. Jim looked up at the sky. He tried to get up, but his muscles wouldn’t let him.

‘Well, that was much easier than I thought’ Cox taunted ‘I expected someone with ancient blood to do better’

Jim then remembered the Manticore claw that he had. He managed to take it out of his pocket; he then used to stable himself so he could stand. Cox started to float towards Tony, Jim began to walk faster. He then started to sprint. He jumped up and kicked Cox right in the face. Cox then wacked Jim, he then fell onto the side of the mountain. Sweat was coming down his face; he then pulled out the Manticore Claw and stuck it into the side of the mountain. He then began to walk up the mountain. Jim then started to run towards Cox, he then kicked Cox in the leg. Cox began to grow a bit. It was almost double the size of Jim now! Jim then jumped onto Cox’s back. Cox started to grow some more, he was now so high, he couldn’t see the floor. Jim then jumped onto its Top Hat, he then pushed the Top Hat off of Cox’s head while he was still on it, while falling Jim then jumped onto Cox’s leg. Jim then took out his claw, then wacked Cox on the leg with it. Cox then started to hop around on one leg and hug the sore one.

‘Ow ow ow’ Cox whined ‘Argh, I hate stubbing my toe’ Cox said as it knocked Jim off its knee

Cox then started to lose its balance, soon it fell right onto the ground, and it then started to shrink.

A portal then opened up right next to where it fell. A Police man, with an orange instead of blue a blue vest came out.

‘Cox Code, you are under arrest, you have the right to remain silent’ the police officer said. He lifted Cox up. He sealed Cox in a bubble. Then they both disappeared.

Jim was lying on the ground. He looked at the sky; it was beginning to revert to its natural blue. The sky started to go back up to where it was before. Cox’s tower began to break apart, and then the cut in the sky closed. Everything was back to normal.

Jim limped over to Tony. Tony was standing up, but was in shock.

‘You- you defeated Cox! H -how? Weren’t you scared?’ Tony asked.

‘Yep, I was very scared’ he answered. ‘Anyways, c’mon let’s make our way to the bottom.

They then began to slowly, make their way down. Then, yet again, another rumble happened. Tony looked at the floor, it was starting to crack. They then heard a familiar cry. A huge lion with bat like wings, a long tail and long claws then emerged from the side of the mountain.

‘You make Maesteyer got prisonized’ the Manticore yelled ‘that no good’ it said as Tony punched it in the eye. ‘Yooowch’ it said as it fell down the mountain again. Another portal opened up where the Manticore fell, it then disappeared.

Once they reached the bottom, Jim and Tony looked at each other; they then let out a small smile. The town still looked broken and ruined, and then a bakery exploded.

‘Yup, this town is gonna need a lot of fixing’ Jim sighed

‘So do we’ Tony said as they looked at all of their wounds

‘Hooray for the heroes’ the whole town said as soon as Tony finished talking.

Three days later.

‘I am very pleased to announce the winners of ‘The people that actually did something while we were under attack’ award, and they go to, Jim Jones and Tony NoLastName. Could you please collect your rewards?’ The ruler of the town yelled to the town’s citizen

Jim and Tony went up to collect their prize. They held up their awards with honour. Jim smiled, he knew that this journey had changed him.

‘Hey Tony, look inside the trophy’ Tony exclaimed

Jim looked inside, then some spider webs went all over his face. Jim let out a small laugh.

‘I guess you actually aren’t scared’

Jim and Tony then got their names put down in a hall of fame. The whole town died five years later because Tony changed his last name to Abbott and then ran for Prime Minister, sadly he won and didn’t know anything about being Prime Minister, and had a ton of empty promises.

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