November 19

SEPEP Reflection

At the end of the 3rd term and the start of the last term, the year 5/6s started SEPEP. SEPEP stand for  Sport Education in Physical Education Program. In SEPEP we played soccer against other soccer teams in our school. There were a total of ten teams, the teams would be referred to team 1-10 on the leaderboard and when playing they would be referred to as their chosen name. My team was Team 2, and our chosen name was…. The Annoying Oranges. Our team colour were orange (you can guess why we decided on orange). Every week there would be to teams on judy group, in the first week it was team 1 and team 2, in the second week it was team 3 and team 4 e.t.c. When you’re in judy group you have to set up the fields, have a referee for each game, a scorer for each game and a timer for each team. The games would go for 14 minute and half time would be at 7 minutes. Another person that is on judy group is the first aid. There would be one from the judy groups, one of them would stay at a certain game and the other would wonder around to all the fields. My name was made up of Thomas, Mia, Farrah, Sasha, Alexis and Fidelya (and obviously me). Most teams were made of 7 people, but some teams only had  6 or 5.

A question I have is, do kids in other schools do SEPEP like us (do they play soccer?) or do they do a different sport for SEPEP?

The most important thing I’ve learn’t is how to be a good goalie. I learn’t this through out the time that I was goalie and when we practiced. I think that I’ve gotten better at soccer from the first week, this is because of the training we did and the games we played. Altogether I’ve learn’t how to be a good goalie and how to be a better soccer player. I’m going to use these skills for when I play soccer.

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