November 17

Semester 1 goals

My short term goal for this term will be able to add, multiply, divide and subtract easily with decimals and fraction, I would like to achieve this because I know that later on we will be doing test about fractions and decimals. I know that this goal would be good because in the previous year I did not go so well with things like fractions, decimals etc. I know that I did not go so well in it because of the test we did in year five. This could help me in the future with maths test and lessons.

My long term goal for this semester is that  I would like to achieve is to read books in different areas because my teachers have been telling me to do that, I will achieve this by reading books that my parents recommend like non-fiction books. I think this will help me in the future for things like S.E.A.L, the reason this will help me is because it will expand my knowledge if I read more books about history or I could learn new words from harder books, this can help me with future tasks.


My short term goal for semester 1 was to be able to add, multiply, divide and subtract decimals and fractions, I feel like I achieved it but I can still do better. The reason I feel good with it is because of the lessons we’ve done with it and because of maths groups and I’ve learnt new strategies to do thing easily with decimals. My long term goal for semester 1 was to expand my reading; I think that I have not fully achieved this because I’ve only been reading a couple of different books.

Something I would like to work on is to be more organized with things like my contents page, and my locker. I would like to achieve this because being organized is an important skill. Organizing my contents page would be good because it will help be navigate my interactive notebooks so I can get to lessons easily, If I organize my locker I will be able to get the things I need instead quickly of taking everything out and trying to find my books. This will also help me with my music lesson.

I think that I’ve partly achieved this goal. I have managed to keep my locker in a way that I’m familiar with. I haven’t been filling out my contents pages because I would keep on forgetting about it, I have also not been using it a lot. Having my locker organised has helped me a lot. I‘ve been able to get to music lessons on time, I’ve also been able to do my homework earlier than I use to. I’ve been able to get my books out on time. This has let me been able to get ready for the lesson.

My future goals are to be able to be more organised so I can get to classes quickly. I know that I should work on this because my goals in 2015 were to be to be organised, and I feel that I can be more organised. I would also like to work a lot harder that I able normally do, this is so I can be in the SEAL Program.  If I do this this that means that I’ll achieve my goals that I had at the start of 2015. I also want to make different groups of friends, this will help with my social skills.

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