August 13

BTN: Greece

Greece is currently experiencing some problems around money. Greece has spent lots of money on other things. They then had to borrow money from other Europeans countries. But now they’ve been stricter, families in Greece a now unhappy with the things like taxes,this had led to some protesting. This has also lead to a smaller amount of jobs, leading to people living on their salary or money from their grandparents because no-one can get a job. Europe has now asked Greece to agree to more strict  austerity conditions. Now many people would rather refuse the austerity because of what its causing. Greece has also agreed to the deal, which is asking for more of their money back.

One question I still have is, will Greece be able to satisfy their citizens.

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1 thoughts on “BTN: Greece

  1. Oddman

    Hey Atticus,
    I really liked your btn on Greece. I liked how your question was based on opinion.

    See you on monday,

    BTW Try to crack the code on my latest btn ( you will need to “look at my other posts” and look out for the hidden message withing the text)


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