June 12


PoemOn the 27th of may 2015 we had the Simultaneous Reading Day. A teacher called David who is a 3/4  teacher read the book to everyone in the school. The book that David read to us was called The Brothers Quibble after we read it we had to do something based on the story. The 5/6’s had to make a poem of an important event in our history, I did when I was born.

My name was decided.                                                                                    Atticus it was.                                                                                                   I was briefly blinded,                                                                                       by the sun of Oz

I could only move a tad.                                                                                  Maybe I was happy.                                                                                         I saw my mum and dad,                                                                                  but that’s just a memory

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  1. Oddman

    Hey Atticus,
    Its Oli. Antony assigned us with the task of posting a comment in someones blog.
    So I chose yours…
    Anyway I want to start of bye saying AWESOME poem it was great!I really liked how you were able to fit in some really interesting words combined to make some very clever sentences. I liked how it was when you were born instead of a more easier time to remember. But I don’t know how important history it was but it seemed pretty much so. Just remember about how poems have , and .’s and things like that in specific spots but other than that great!



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