June 9

BTN: Modern Shakespeare

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This BTN story was about the Shakespeare.

Shakespeare is a writer who was born in England, 1564 his written a lot of plays such as Mc Beth which is over 400 years old. Now some people are making plays about Shakespeare that are aimed at younger kids because Shakespeare is more for high school kids. A lot of people say his an important writer and people have done a lot of plays on it.

One question I still have is what’s his most known play?

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1 thoughts on “BTN: Modern Shakespeare

  1. Lisa

    great comments Atticus – specially noting that Shakespere may be adapted for a younger audience. I wonder which plays will be used? Before you post your blog, you really need to read over your work out loud and check your spelling and grammer. Also, get someone else to take a look. Sometimes others pick up little errors that you may not have noticed.


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