June 1

100WC Week 35

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The wood shredder spewed out little pieces of wood, some people stuck out their tongue so they could have a memory of this momentous occasion. I had a go at it, it was good at first but then my tongue tingled.  Some kids were repeatedly doing it as if they enjoined their tongue being unpleasantly tingled. Some people fell to their knees in pain or just because it felt so weird. I looked at the crowd of kids next to the wood shredder and shook my head and walked back home. On the way home no one else was acting crazy or anything except for the person that always stays outside of my house and advertises his solar panels

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3 thoughts on “100WC Week 35

  1. marley2012

    Hi Atticus, its Marley. I really enjoyed reading this story and I thought that you did very well on using the prompt in your writing. I liked how you used ‘momentous occasion’. Great spelling and punctuation. One thing that confused me though was why was everyone eating wood and why was this special. I know that you are limited to only 100 words, but something you could have added was just a little quick explanation to why everyone was crazy, how long they had been like this or anything about why catching wood on their tongue was special to them. But other than that, great job and keep up the good work!

  2. Chloe

    I don’t quite understand why people would want to lick wood shavings but still a very captivating story.

  3. Mrs Giles(100 Wc Team)

    I like the interesting take on the prompt. It is great to read a response that is not focused on food. You have used some interesting sentences and generally your grammar is accurate. I was a little unsure of your last sentence as it doesn’t seem completely related to your story. Well done. Keep writing.


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