December 30

The episode opens with a shot of the sun. Dipper starts to narrate.
Dipper Pines (Narrating) Ah, summer break.
The camera pans to Hank grilling burgers while Shmipper and Smabble are running around beside him. Others sit at a picnic table.
Hank So you want cheese on that, hon?
Hank’s wife Sure, Hank.
Dipper (Narrating) A time for leisure, recreation, and taking ‘er easy.
The camera stops at the “Welcome to Gravity Falls” sign.
Dipper (Narrating) Unless you’re me.
Mabel and Dipper Pines crash through the ‘Welcome to Gravity Falls” sign with the Mystery Cart, screaming. They are being chased by an unknown monster, knocking down trees.
Mabel Pines (Looks back) It’s getting closer!
The monster tries to catch the cart, but just falls short. The cart flies off a rock and lands roughly.
Dipper (Narrating) My name is Dipper. The girl about to puke is my sister Mabel. You may be wondering what we’re doing in a golf cart, fleeing from a creature of unimaginable horror.
The monster throws a tree in their path.
Mabel Look out!
The image freezes with Mabel and Dipper screaming as they run into the screen.
Dipper (Narrating) Rest assured, there’s a perfectly logical explanation.
Cut to theme song.
Replays Dipper and Mabel screaming and running into the screen.
Dipper (Narrating) Let’s rewind. (Flashback to Dipper and Mabel in their living room at home) It all began when our parents decided we could use some fresh air.
Their parents take their stuff away, give them bags and put some sunscreen on their noses. Cut to a map of Oregon. Zoom in to Gravity Falls.
Dipper (Narrating) They shipped us up north to a sleepy town called Gravity Falls, Oregon, to stay at our great-uncle’s place in the woods.
Cut to Mabel in the attic hanging up posters.
Mabel This attic is amazing. Check out all my splinters! (Holds up hands, which have gigantic splinters sticking out of them)
Dipper (Backs up into his bed, which Gompers is on) And there’s a goat on my bed.
Mabel Hey, friend. (Holds out her arm, and Gompers chews her sleeve) Oh! Yes, you can keep chewing on my sweater. (Laughs)
Dipper (Narrating) My sister tended to look on the bright side of things.
Cut to Mabel rolling down a hill of grass.
Mabel Yay! Grass!
A woodpecker pecks on Dipper’s hat.
Dipper (Narrating) But I was having a hard time getting used to our new surroundings.
Stan Pines (Jumps out at him wearing a mask) Boo!
Dipper Ah! (Falls over)
Stan (Takes his mask off) Ahahahaha! Hahaha!
Dipper (Narrating) And then there was our Great Uncle Stan. (As Stan slaps his knee) That guy.
Stan (Coughs several times and hits his chest) It was worth it.
Cut to Stan leading tourists through the Mystery Shack.
Dipper (Narrating) Our uncle had transformed his house into a tourist trap he called “The Mystery Shack.” The real mystery was why anyone came.
The Jackalope’s antler breaks off.
Stan Ladies and gentlemen, behold! The Sascrotch!
Cut to a Sasquatch wearing underwear. Tourists start speaking excitedly, and snap pictures. Cut to Dipper sweeping the wooden floor with a broom. Mabel is looking at stuff.
Dipper (Narrating) And guess who had to work there. (Not Narrating; sighs)
Mabel Ooh! (Reaches for large eyeball)
Stan (Slaps her hand with his 8-ball cane) No touching the merchandise!
Cut to Soos driving the Mystery Cart to the Mystery Shack.
Dipper (Narrating) It looked like it was gonna be the same, boring routine all summer. Until one fateful day…
Cut to Mabel peeking through Stan-bobbleheads.
Mabel He’s looking at it! He’s looking at it!
Cut to a boy looking at Mabel’s note.
Boy Uh… (Reading off the note:) “Do you like me? Yes? Definitely? Absolutely??”
Mabel I rigged it!
Dipper (Spraying a jar with water) Mabel, I know you’re going through your whole “Boy Crazy” phase, but I think you’re kind of overdoing it with the “crazy” part.
Mabel What? (Blows raspberry) Come on, Dipper! This is our first summer away from home! It’s my big chance to have an epic summer romance!
Dipper Yeah, but do you need to flirt with every guy you meet?
Flashback to Mabel with a boy near a greeting cards display.
Mabel My name is Mabel, but you can call me “The girl of your dreams.” I’M JOKING! (Shoves him into the display) Ha ha ha ha ha!
Flashback to a boy holding a turtle on a bench.
Mabel (Jumps up behind him) Oh my gosh, you like turtles? I like turtles too! What is happening here?
Flashback to the inside of a mattress store.
Royal employee Come one, come all, to the Mattress Prince’s kingdom of savings!
Mabel (Hiding behind a set of colorful balloons; pops out head and whispers:) Take me with you…
Royal employee Ah! (Cowers away from Mabel and drops scepter)
Cut back to the present.
Mabel Mock all you want, brother, but I got a good feeling about this summer. I wouldn’t be surprised if the man of my dreams walked through that door right now.
Stan (Walks through the door and burps, but it gets caught in his throat) Oh! Oh, not good. Ow.
Mabel Aww! Why!
Dipper Ha ha ha!
Stan All right, all right, look alive people. I need someone to go hammer up these signs in the spooky part of the forest.
Dipper (Quickly) Not it!
Mabel (Quickly) Not it!
Soos Uh, also not it.
Stan Nobody asked you, Soos.
Soos I know, and I’m comfortable with that. (Eats chocolate bar)
Stan Wendy, I need you to put up this sign!
Wendy Corduroy (Pretends to reach for signs) I would, but I, ugh, can’t, ugh, reach it, ugh…
Stan I’d fire all of you if I could. All right, let’s make it… eenie, meenie, miney… (Points at Dipper) you.
Dipper Aw, what? Grunkle Stan, whenever I’m in those woods, I feel like I’m being watched.
Stan Ugh, this again.
Dipper I’m telling you, something weird is going on in this town. Just today, my mosquito bites spelled out “BEWARE.”
Stan (Looks at Dipper’s arm) That says “BEWARB.” (Dipper itches his arm) Look, kid. The whole “monsters in the forest” thing is just local legend, drummed up by guys like me to sell merch to guys like that.
A fat, sweaty tourist laughs while looking at a Stan-bobblehead’s head bobble.
Stan So quit being so paranoid! (Gives Dipper the signs; Dipper sighs)
Cut to a foggy forest with trees getting blown by the wind.
Dipper Ugh, Grunkle Stan. Nobody ever believes anything I say.
Puts one sign up on a tree that says “To The Mystery Shack.” He starts to hammer a nail on another tree trunk, but it makes a metallic sound. He taps the tree with the hammer, which makes more metallic sounds. He wipes away some dust and opens a secret window revealing a mechanical box with two control switches on top. He tests one control but nothing happens. Then he tries the other. Behind him, a hole opens up in the ground. Gompers bleats and runs away.
Dipper What the? (Looks inside the hole, and there is a book. He picks the book up and places it on the ground, and checks for people watching. He flips one page and an eye-glass is in it. He looks at the eye-glass and puts it down. He flips another page, and begins reading) “It’s hard to believe it’s been six years since I began studying the strange and wondrous secrets of Gravity Falls, Oregon.” (Flips through pages) What is all this? (Stops at a page that says “TRUST NO ONE”. Reading) “Unfortunately, my suspicions have been confirmed. I’m being watched. I must hide this book before he finds it. Remember: in Gravity Falls there is no one you can trust.” (Closes Journal) No one you can trust…
Mabel (Jumps up behind a log) HALLO!
Dipper AH!
Mabel What’cha readin’, some nerd thing?
Dipper (Hides journal behind back) Uh, uh, it’s nothing!
Mabel (Imitating Dipper) “Uh, uh, it’s nothing!” (Laughs) What? Are you actually not gonna show me?
Gompers (Nibbles the edge of the journal)
Dipper Uhhh… (Glances at Gompers) Let’s go somewhere private.
Cut to a view of the Mystery Shack. Dipper and Mabel are in the living room.
Dipper It’s amazing! Grunkle Stan said I was being paranoid, but according to this book, Gravity Falls has this secret dark side. (Shows Mabel a page)
Mabel Whoa! Shut. Up! (Pushes Dipper)
Dipper And get this! After a certain point, the pages just.. stop, like the guy who was writing it mysteriously disappeared. (Doorbell rings) Who’s that?
Mabel Well, time to spill the beans. (Knocks over a can of beans on the table) Whoop. Beans. This girl’s got a date! Woot woot! (Falls backward into the chair, giggling)
Dipper Let me get this straight: in the half hour I was gone, you already found a boyfriend?
Mabel What can I say? I guess I’m just IRRESISTIBLLLLE! (Doorbell rings twice) Oh. Coming! (Runs out)
Dipper (Sits down in chair and begins to read the Journal)
Stan (Walks in and sees Dipper) What’cha reading there, slick?
Dipper Oh! (Throws the book under the seat cushion and grabs a magazine) I was just catching up on, uh… (Sees the cover of the magazine) Gold Chains For Old Men Magazine?
Stan That’s a good issue.
Mabel Hey, family! Say hello to my new boyfriend!
Norman ‘Sup?
Dipper Hey…
Stan How’s it hanging?
Mabel We met at the cemetery. He’s really deep. (Feels his arm) Oh. Little muscle there. That’s…what a surprise…
Dipper So, what’s your name?
Norman Uh. Normal… MAN!
Mabel He means Norman.
Dipper Are you bleeding, Norman?
Norman (With a red liquid dripping down his face) It’s jam.
Mabel (Gasps) I love jam! Look. At. This!
Norman So, you wanna go hold hands or… whatever?
Mabel Oh, oh, my goodness. (Giggles) Don’t wait up! (Runs out)
Norman (Points at Stan and Dipper and runs into the wall several times on his way out)
Dipper (Narrating) There was something about Norman that wasn’t right. I decided to consult the journal.
Cuts to the shack’s attic.
Dipper (Reading aloud from Journal) Known for their pale skin and bad attitudes these creatures are often mistaken for… teenagers?! Beware Gravity Falls’s nefarious… (Gasps)
We see the journal page on The Undead. The picture of the zombie becomes Norman.
Journal Norman ‘Sup.
Dipper ZOMBIE!
Stan (In the bathroom) Somebody say “crombie”? What is that, crombie? That’s not even a word. You’re losing your mind.
Dipper looks out the window to see Norman walking towards Mabel with outstretched arms while moaning.
Mabel I like you.
Dipper Oh, no! Mabel!
Cuts to black screen for commercials.
Dipper No, no, Mabel, watch out!
Norman Huh, huh! (Puts hands around Mabel’s neck)
Dipper AHHHHH!
Norman (Removed arms, revealing flower necklace) Huhhh!
Mabel (Gasps) Daisies? You scallywag…
Dipper Is my sister really dating a zombie, or am I just going nuts?
Soos (Screwing in a lightbulb) It’s a dilemma, to be sure. (Dipper gasps) I couldn’t help but overhear you talkin’ aloud to yourself in this empty room.
Dipper Soos, you’ve seen Mabel’s boyfriend. He’s gotta be a zombie, right?
Soos Hmm. How many brains didja see the guy eat?
Dipper (looks down) Zero.
Soos Look, dude, I believe you. I’m always noticing weird stuff in this town. Like the mailman? Pretty sure that dude’s a werewolf.
Flashback of a hairy mailman walking by Soos, who is eating his lunch outside. Soos slightly moves away from him.
Soos But ya gotta have evidence. Otherwise, people are gonna think you’re a major league cuckoo clock.
Dipper As always, Soos, you’re right.
Soos My wisdom is both a blessing and a curse.
Stan (Shouting offscreen) Soos! The portable toilets are clogged again!
Soos I am needed elsewhere. (Backs out)
Dipper (Narrating) My sister could be in trouble. It was time to get some evidence.
Cut to Dipper filming Mabel and Norman in the park.
Mabel (Throws a Frisbee at Norman, who fails to catch it and falls over)
Dipper (Stops looking through camera and frowns at Norman)
Cut to Norman breaking through a door window to open it from the inside and letting Mabel inside the diner.
Norman (Stumbles around and crashes trying to follow Mabel)
Dipper (Looks out from behind menu)
(Cut to Mabel and Norman frolicking)
Norman (Falls into an open grave, then crawls out, hand first, screaming)
Mabel and Norman (Pause, then laugh)
Dipper (Narrating) I’d seen enough.
Cut to Mabel and Dipper’s room. Mabel is brushing her hair and Dipper enters.
Dipper Mabel. We’ve gotta talk about Norman.
Mabel Isn’t he the best? Check out this giant smooch mark he gave me! (Shows her cheek, which has a red spot on it)
Dipper Ah!
Mabel Ha, ha! Gullible. It was just an accident with the leaf blower!
Flashback to Mabel with a leaf blower
Mabel (Putting picture of Norman on leaf blower’s tube) Kissing practice! (Leans in to leaf blower, but then it sucks in the picture and sticks to her face as well. She runs around) AHHH! Turn it off! Turn it off!
Cut back to present
Mabel That was fun.
Dipper No, Mabel, listen! I’m trying to tell you that Norman is not what he seems! (Brings out the Journal)
Mabel (Gasps) You think he might be a vampire? That would be so awesome!
Dipper Guess again, sister. SHA-BAM! (Holds book open to gnome page)
Mabel Agh!
Dipper Oh, wait. I’m-I’m sorry… (Flips to Undead page) Sha-bam!
Mabel A zombie? That is not funny, Dipper.
Dipper I’m not joking! It all adds up: The bleeding, the limp. He never blinks! Have you noticed that?
Mabel Maybe he’s blinking when you’re blinking.
Dipper Mabel, remember what the book said about Gravity Falls? Trust no one!
Mabel Well, what about me, huh? Why can’t you trust me? (Puts on star earrings) Beep bop!
Dipper Mabel, (Shaking her) He’s gonna eat your brain!
Mabel (Pushes him away) Dipper, listen to me. Norman and I are going on a date at five o’clock, and I’m gonna be ADORABLE, and he’s gonna be DREAMY, (Pushing Dipper out of the room)
Dipper Bu-bu-but
Mabel And I am not gonna let you ruin it with one of your crazy CONSPIRACIES! (Slams the door)
Dipper (Sighs and sits down) What am I gonna do?
Cut to the clock, which tells the time at 5:00. The doorbell rings.
Mabel (Pulls on her sweater as she races downstairs) Coming! (Sees Norman) Hey, Norman. How do I look?
Norman Shiny…
Mabel You always know what to say! (Walks off with him)
Dipper (Watching the tape he collected) Soos was right. I don’t have any real evidence. (Video shows Mabel teaching Norman hopscotch, but he only falls over. Dipper fast forwards to Mabel and Norman staring at mountains) I guess I can be kind of paranoid sometimes and— (On the tape, Norman’s hand falls off. He glances around, then reattaches it) Wait, WHAT?! (Rewinds the tape and watches it again. He screams and tips the chair backwards) I was right! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! (He races outside) Grunkle Stan! Grunkle Stan! Grunkle Stan!
Stan (On a stage in front of a bunch of tourists. To the crowd) And here we have Rock that looks like a face rock: the rock that looks like a face.
Unnamed hillbilly Does it look like a rock?
Stan No, it looks like a face.
Fat Tourist Is it a face?
Stan It’s a rock that looks like a face!
Dipper Over here! Grunkle Stan!
Stan For the fifth time! It’s-it’s not an actual face!
Dipper Errrgh!
Cut to Mabel and Norman in the woods.
Mabel Finally, we’re alone.
Norman Yes. Alone…
Cut back to the Mystery Shack.
Dipper Stan! Stan! (Sees Wendy drive up in a golf cart) Wendy! (To Wendy) Wendy! Wendy! I need to borrow the golf cart so I can save my sister from a zombie!
Wendy (Gives Dipper the key and walks off) Try not to hit any pedestrians.
Dipper (Gets in and starts to drive, but Soos stops him)
Soos Dude, it’s me: Soos. This is for the zombies. (Gives Dipper a shovel)
Dipper Thanks.
Soos (Holds up a baseball bat) And this is in case you see a piñata.
Dipper (Takes the bat) Uh… Thanks? (Drives off)
Soos Better safe than sorry!
Cut back to the woods.
Norman Uh, Mabel, now that we’ve gotten to know each other, there’s… (Exhales) …there’s something I should tell you.
Mabel Oh, Norman, you can tell me anything! (Thinking) Please be a vampire, please be a vampire!
Norman All right, just…just don’t freak out, okay? Just…just keep an open mind, be cool! (Unzips his coat and throws it off. Underneath are five gnomes standing on top of each other. The top gnome speaks)
Jeff Is this weird? Is this too weird? Do you need to sit down?
Mabel (Stares at the gnomes in total shock)
Jeff R-r-right, I’ll explain. So! We’re gnomes. First off. Get that one outta the way.
Mabel Uh…
Jeff I’m Jeff, and here we have Carson, Steve, Jason and… I’m sorry, I always forget your name.
Shmebulock Shmebulock.
Jeff (Snaps his fingers) Shmebulock! Yes! Anyways, long story short, us gnomes have been lookin’ for a new queen! Right, guys?
Gnomes Queen! Queen! Queen!
Jeff Heh. So what do you say? (Taps Steve with foot, and the gnomes work together to make “Norman” kneel in a proposing fashion) Will you join us in holy matrignomey? Matri…matri-mo-ny! Blah! Can’t talk today!
Mabel Look… I’m sorry, guys. You’re really sweet, but, I’m a girl, and you’re gnomes, and it’s like, “what”? Yikes…
Jeff We understand. We’ll never forget you, Mabel. (The gnomes look sad and Mabel smiles)Because we’re gonna kidnap you.
Mabel Huh?
Jeff (Yells and jumps at her)
Mabel (screams)
Cut to black screen for commercials.
Dipper (Driving the Mystery Cart through the woods) Don’t worry, Mabel! I’ll save you from that zombie!
Mabel (Off-screen) Help!
Dipper Hold on!
Jeff The more you struggle, the more awkward this is gonna be for everybody! Just, ha ha, okay. Get her arm there, Steve!
Mabel (With Steve biting her sweater arm) Let go of me! (Punches Steve off)
Steve (Bounces around, then stand upright and pukes a rainbow)
Dipper What the heck is going on here?!
Gnome (Hisses at him)
Mabel Dipper! Norman turned out to be a bunch of gnomes! And they’re total jerks! (As a gnome pulls her hair) Hair! Hair! Hair!
Dipper Gnomes? Huh, I was way off. (Takes the journal out of his vest and reads the relevant page aloud) “Gnomes: little men of the Gravity Falls Forest. Weaknesses: unknown.” (When Dipper lowers the book, he sees that the gnomes have managed to tie Mabel to the ground)
Mabel Aw, come on!
Dipper (Walks up to Jeff) Hey, HEY! Let go of my sister!
Jeff Oh! Ha ha, hey, there! Um, you know, this is all really just a big misunderstanding. You see, your sister’s not in danger. She’s just marrying all one thousand of us and becoming our gnome queen for all eternity! Isn’t that right, honey?
Mabel You guys are butt-faces!
Gnome (Covers her mouth)
Mabel Mmmm-MMMMM!
Dipper (Holds up the shovel he brought, pointing it at Jeff) Give her back right now, or else!
Jeff You think you can stop us, boy? You have no idea what we’re capable of. The gnomes are a powerful race! Do not trifle with the–
Dipper (Casually tosses him away with the shovel)
Jeff AH!
Dipper (Cuts Mabel free with the shovel)
Mabel Yah! (Kicks gnomes away; Dipper and Mabel get in the cart)
Jeff He’s getting away with our queen! No, no, no!
Dipper Seatbelt. (Mabel buckles, the he drives away)
Jeff You’ve messed with the wrong creatures, boy! Gnomes of the forest: ASSEMBLE! (Various gnomes come out and stack up)
Mabel Hurry, before they come after us!
Dipper I wouldn’t worry about it. See their little legs? Those suckers are tiny! (Stops the cart as he hears a stomping sound; a giant stacked gnome stops at the cart)
Mabel Dang.
Jeff (On the top, using gnomes’ hats like levers) All right, teamwork, guys. Like we practiced.(Gnomes growl)
Mabel Move, MOVE!
Dipper (Drives the cart away just as the gnomes smash their arm down and it breaks)
Gnomes (Run frantically back into position and they chase the kids again)
Jeff Come back with our queen!
Mabel It’s getting closer!
Gnome Giant (Throws several gnomes at the cart)
Gnomes (Chew cart and cause havoc)
Gnome (Hanging from side of cart) Ha ha!
Mabel (Mabel elbow punches a gnome off. Shmebulock jumps up behind Dipper, who grabs him and slams him into the steering wheel out of annoyance)
Schmebulock Schmebulock… (Falls out of the cart)
(A gnome claws Dipper’s face)
Mabel I’ll save you, Dipper! (Repeatedly punches the gnome off of Dipper’s face and the gnome falls off with Dipper’s old hat)
Dipper (Dazed from the punches) Thanks, Mabel…
Mabel Don’t mention it.
Gnome Giant (Picks up tree and throws it)
Mabel Look out!
Dipper and Mabel AAAAAAHHHHHH!
(The cart overturns, landing next to the Mystery Shack)
Dipper and Mabel (Crawl out)
Gnome Giant (Approaches)
Dipper (To the gnomes) Stay back, man! (Throws the shovel at the gnome giant)
Gnome Giant (Punches shovel in mid-air)
Dipper and Mabel (Grab each other) Aaahhh!
Dipper Uh, where’s Grunkle Stan?!
Stan (Inside the Shack, holding up a swirly pattern on a stick to some tourists) Behold! The world’s most distracting object.
Tourists Oooh…
Stan Just try to look away, you can’t! I can’t even remember what I was talking about.
Jeff It’s the end of the line, kids! Mabel, marry us before we do something crazy!
Dipper There’s gotta be a way out of this!
Mabel I gotta do it.
Dipper What?! Mabel, don’t do this! Are you crazy?
Mabel Trust me.
Dipper What?
Mabel Dipper, just this once. Trust me!
Dipper (Glances at gnomes, then Mabel, then backs away)
Mabel All right, Jeff. I’ll marry you.
Jeff Hot dog! Help me down there, Jason! (Climbing down to her) Thanks, Andy! All right, left foot, there we go, watch those fingers, Mike. (Approaches Mabel and holds out diamond ring) Eh? Eh?
Mabel (Holds out hand)
Jeff (Puts the ring on her hand) Bada-bing, bada-bam! Now let’s get you back into the forest, honey!
Mabel You may now kiss the bride!
Jeff Well, don’t mind if I do. (Leans up to kiss Mabel)
Mabel (Leans out to kiss Jeff, then takes out leaf blower)
Jeff Ah! Hey, hey, wait a minute! Whoa, whoa! Wh-what’s goin’ on?! (Gets sucked half-way into leaf-blower)
Mabel That’s for lying to me! (Increases the sucking power) THAT’S for breaking my heart!
Jeff (Slowly getting sucked in further) Ow! My face!
Mabel And THIS is for messing with my brother! (Aims) Wanna do the honors?
Dipper On three!
Dipper & Mabel One, two, three! (Blast Jeff towards the gnome monster)
Gnome Giant (Explodes into separate gnomes)
Jeff (Flying off into the distance) I’ll get you back for this!…
Gnome Who’s giving orders? I need orders!
Gnome 2 My arms are tired.
Dipper (While Mabel moves the leaf blower back and forth, blowing gnomes away) Anyone else want some?
Gnomes (Run off on all fours. One gets caught in a six-pack holder)
Gompers (Picks the six-pack holder up and runs off) Blah-ah-ah.
Gnome (In the background) Aaaaahhhhh!
Mabel Hey, Dipper? I, um…I’m sorry for ignoring your advice. You really were just looking out for me.
Dipper Oh, don’t be like that. You saved our butts back there.
Mabel I guess I’m just sad that my first boyfriend turned out to be a bunch of gnomes.
Dipper Look on the bright side. Maybe the next one will be a vampire!
Mabel Oh, you’re just saying that!
Dipper Awkward sibling hug?
Mabel Awkward sibling hug.
Dipper & Mabel (Hug and pat each other) Pat, pat.
Stan Yeesh. You two get hit by a bus or somethin’? Ahah!
Dipper and Mabel (Begin to walk away)
Stan Uh, hey! W-Wouldn’t you know it? Um, I accidentally overstocked some inventory, so, uh… how’s about each of you take one item from the gift shop? On the house, y’know?
Mabel Really?
Dipper What’s the catch?
Stan The catch is do it before I change my mind, now take something.
Dipper & Mabel (Look around at items)
Dipper (Picks up a blue pine tree hat from one of the shelves and looks in a mirror) Hmm. That oughta do the trick!
Mabel And I will have a… (Grabs item from box, hides it, and twirls around) GRAPPLING HOOK! Yes!
Stan (To Dipper) Wouldn’t she rather have, like, a doll, or something?
Mabel (Fires the grappling hook up at the ceiling; it catches and pulls her up) GRAPPLING HOOK!
Stan Fair enough!
Cut to Mabel and Dipper’s bedroom. Dipper is writing while Mabel jumps on the bed, laughing.
Dipper (Writing in Journal) This journal told me there was no one in Gravity Falls I could trust. (Looking at Mabel) But when you battle a hundred gnomes side-by-side with someone, you realize that they’ve probably always got your back.
Mabel (Shoots grappling hook, then reels it back with a stuffed animal attached)
Dipper Hey, Mabel, could you get the light?
Mabel I’m on it! (Knocks light out the window with grappling hook) It works!
Dipper & Mabel (Laugh)
Mabel Grappling hook.
Dipper (Narrating) Our uncle told us there was nothing strange about this town. But who knows what other secrets are waiting to be unlocked.
Cut to Mystery Shack exterior. Stan walks in holding a lantern. He goes into the gift shop and puts a code into the vending machine. The machine opens, and Stan walks inside, looking side-to-side for people before closing it behind him.
Flashback to the forest where Steve is puking a rainbow for the rest of the credits.

December 9

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

On the 9/12/15, the grade 5/6’s and preps went on a excursion to the Royal Botanic Gardens. We got to go with our prep buddies as well, my buddy isis called Atticus, like me! The bus trip to the gardens took a while, but we managed to survive! The first place we went to was the central lake where  we had to spot some birds and eels, we managed to spot all the birds and an eel. We also had to ask our buddies what they saw, felt, smelt and heard. We then got to have recess, after that we headed to the herb garden. At the herb garden we had to ask our buddies what they saw, felt, smelt and heard again (we had to ALWAYS ask it) we then had to find certain herbs like a pineapple sage, then we had to draw a picture of it and write a description. After we did this we got to have lunch, then a toilet break.

After we had our toilet break we got to have a big game of duck duck goose, we soon finished that and then started playing Toilet Tigy. Finally we went to wait for our buses and go back to school.

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December 3


The ice blew over Eureka; it covered a tall medieval tower. A gold bell was at the top it was beginning to rust, moss was crawling over it. Inscribed upon the gold bell were golden words. The words have been there since the dawn of time. The people of Eureka use to gently nurture the bell, like a new born baby. But over time, the bell began to fade from their memories. Except for one person, he would stand on the tower, staring at the words. He wore a maroon coloured cloak that would drag on the floor as he walked. His cloak drooped over his face; it only left his mouth visible. Underneath the cloak was a scared, weak and clueless boy named Jim.  He had sea-blue eyes, brown curly hair and olive coloured skin. He read the inscriptions in his head.

‘The one with ancient blood, the descended one from the hero, shall save the sky, and Eureka. Jim let out a small sigh, he knew that it wasn’t talking about him, he was weak scared and clueless.

‘BOO!’ A voice yelled.

Jim jumped, and let out a small yelp

‘It me, Tony, I got back from my trip!’ He exclaimed with delight.

Jim went over to the lookout point and removed the hood that drooped onto his face; a big lump of snow came roaring down from the top of the roof and right into Jims face. He shook his head and wiped of the snow, he let out a small chuckle and then waved at Tony. Tony was standing on the pavement, and in front of all of the wooden houses. A small red speck of snow floated gracefully down onto Jim’s nose. Jim looked up, he saw the sad blocked out sky beginning to appear, but something was different, the sky was a blood red colour!

‘Jim, come down quick!’ Tony yelled in a worried tone.

Jim looked up at the sky again, all the snow in Eureka had turned red, and it had changed the direction it was going! It was heading toward the tower! Jim swiftly jumped to the stairs, he ran down the first flight of stair, suddenly, he tripped over his cloak, he fell down all the stairs and got to the bottom, the snow then came pouring through the tower, and it was destroying every part of it. It came down and knocked Jim straight into Tony. He had a cut on his forehead, his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

‘Jim!’ Tony called, ‘Jim can you hear me?!’ he got no reply. A wave if shock went over Tony. He picked Jim up and carried him to a safe spot. He violently ripped a leaf of a nearby tree. He put it onto Jims cut and pressed down. He remembered his first aid training; he knew a way to make him conscious. SLAP! Jim had lifted his head up; he had a big red mark on his cheek.

‘What was that for?!’ Jim furiously questioned.

‘It’s how my mum said to make people conscious!’ he yelled back

‘Oh yeah, my bed taught me this!’ Jim replied. He then punched Tony right in the nose.

‘OK, let’s stop fighting’ Tony said, he didn’t even make a move towards his nose, mainly because Jim can’t punch at all.

‘Well were even now!’ Jim replied happily

Bang! The sky started to turn into a more intense red, with other dark, sad colours. A star shaped cut began to form in the sky. A black figure emerged out of the cut; it gracefully floated down to the ground. Its form then began to shimmer, and then waver. It then grew bat-like wings; the figure remained the same for a while, until it began keep on changing its shape. The wings slowly turned into arms, as if it didn’t know what to take shape of. Finally it decided to take the form of a black circle, it began to waver some more. A top hat came out of the cut and landed on its face. A monocle then fell from the top of the hat onto where its eyes would’ve been.

‘Listen up you, irregular circles!’ Its voice boomed. ‘The names Cox Code and I’m here to take over your world’ Cox Code explained. ‘You’re probably wondering’ Cox Code then made a mouth appear on his face, then stuck out a tongue ‘Derrrrr, then why’s the sky falling’ Cox Code said in his stupidest voice possible. ‘Well, my uneducated creatures, I don’t really like the current sky, or any of you, and your creations, so, to sum it up, I hate all of you.’ Cox Code said in a blunt voice. ‘So, I’m going to make the sky fall so it can crush all of you, crush all your creations, and then I can make my new sky!’ Cox said in a happy tone.

‘Pfffft, yeah right, I doubt you can do that your probably just some phony’ one person said.

‘I can do lots of things, lots of things’ Cox explained ‘including this!’ Cox then grew an arm, and then clicked its hands, making the insulter, turn into a duck. ‘I like you better as a duck’ Cox said while putting its new hand onto its mouth. It clicked again and its mouth and hand retracted.

Jim and Tony were sprinting toward were Cox was. Tony then saw the cut in the sky and Cox. Tony then tapped Jim on his shoulder.

‘Look’ he said as he was pointing at the sky.

‘What’s happening?’ Jim asked.

‘I don’t know, let’s go and see’ Tony replied in a worried tone.

They started to run again, when they finally reached to where Cox had made his debut, he had disappeared. They agreed to go around ask what happened. Most people they tried to talk to were too shocked to talk, until they met an old hag. After ten minutes of explaining and questioning, they finally caught up with what happened.

‘Where is he now?’ Tony questioned as he was looking across at the duck that was randomly quacking.

‘It floated over to the tallest place in Eureka, Mount Alta Ferentis’ the hag answered.

‘How can we stop it? Where does it come from?’ Jim asked

‘Cox is a demon. No one knows where it comes from and what it wants. The only thing that people know about it is that it has been around for centuries’ the hag said in a sad tone.

Another rumble started. The earth began to shake, rock began to fall. Cox was coming again.

‘Yawn’ Cox said while making some arms come out of its weird body, and then hanged them out from its side. ‘Phew, paper work is pretty hard, but now it’s official, I’m your new overlord for eternity’ Cox yelled in excitement. ‘Still can’t believe all the paper work I had to do….’ Its voice began to trail of.

‘What do you want with our world?’ Jim took a step forward.

‘Wow kiddo. Don’t get angry, all I’m doing is taking over your world, and that’s ‘cause I’m bored. You better stay out of ma business; you don’t wanna mess with this stuff’ Cox said, with a little bit of anger.

‘No!’ Jim yelled back defiantly.

‘OK, you asked for it kiddo’ Cox then zapped a lightning bolt at Jim. ‘Hisssss’ Cox hissed ‘ancient blood, you’re stronger than you look kiddo’ Cox then floated over to where he did its paper work

‘Ancient blood…’ Jim muttered.

Yet again, another rumble began, but this time the sky was shaking!

Tony looked up ‘We don’t have a lot of time Jim, the sky is gonna fall on us soon maybe he shou-‘

‘Let’s stop Cox’ Jim interrupted

‘Hey, don’t interrupt me!’ Tony said a little bit hurt.

‘Let’s go to where Cox is going’ Jim ordered. ‘It’s the tallest place in Eureka, we might be able to stop Cox and stop the sky from falling.

Tony nodded. They began to head toward Mount Alta Ferentis. They looked where Cox was staying; they knew he was coming back. After a long hike of the mountain they took a small break. They looked at the sky, then at the cut. Small black dots began to flow out of the cut.

‘It bought minions’ Jim pointed out.

‘We should hurry’ Tony replied.

The town was on fire. The minions were making everything burn. They captured almost everyone, and they destroyed almost everything. The minions looked at where Cox was staying.

‘Maesteyer’ they began to chant.

One of them looked at the mountain, then spotted Jim and Tony.

‘Maesteyer in trouvle’ it told its fellow minions.

They all looked into the direction of them, and then did a small nod.

‘Dis batter stewp dem’ one said, it then shot a beam of darkness at a rock.

Tony looked up; a rock was coming down straight onto Jim! Tony jumped onto Jim.

‘Wha- Why?!’ Jim stumbled as he talked.

‘There’s a rock slide’ Tony quickly replied.

Another rock came down. They looked behind themselves, saw a cave and jumped into it. They watched all of the rock come roaring down.  They took this chance to take a break. When the rocks had finished falling, they decided to continue their journey.

The minions looked at Jim and Tony again. ‘Fines, I go dal wit dem, yous stey ‘ere’ the leader of the minions said. It began to hover, and then swiftly flew towards the mountain.

‘We better continue, but go a lot faster, I feel like the Cox’s backup is coming to us soon’ Jim said as they were getting out of the cave.

‘Good idea’ Tony replied.

They resumed their long journey to the top of the hill. Jim glanced at the sky. Gee, it’s getting pretty close, Jim thought. The sky was begging to turn into a more intense red the closer it got. Then he saw a small gleam in the sky, it has the body of a lion, a human head with three rows of sharp teeth and bat like wings.

‘Yous goes aways’ a trumpet like voice boomed.

‘Oh no’ Tony muttered ‘A Manticore, it’s a type of Greek mythical creature. I wonder how it got here’ Tony explained

‘Cox’s world is spilling into ours’ Jim answered

‘Yous stahps talked, ‘cause me no like yous, so me hit you’ the beast said as it raised it paw.

Jim pushed Tony out of the way, just before he was wacked where Tony was.

‘Plaz stahps moves, me nead diner’ It said, trying to be fluent as it was talking.

‘How can we defeat him?’ Jim asked.

‘I don’t know’ Tony yelled as the Manticore wacked him. Tony then hit a wall.

The Manticore then made its way towards Jim. The Manticore then brought its claw down onto Jim, just before the Manticore hit him, Jim picked up a rock and put it were the Manticore was aiming for. As soon as the Manticore hit the rock, it stumbled back. Jim looked at the rock; the Manticore’s claw was stuck in the rock. The claw went all the way through the rock and made contact with his chest, luckily it didn’t go deep. The Manticore hit the ground at the edge of the cliff. It was trying to get up but couldn’t. Jim then through a rock at where the Manticore was, it hit a crack that appeared when it fell, the crack got bigger, and then the whole floor broke.

‘Waaaaah, whys you did dis? Nut fayre’ the Manticore yelped.

‘You OK?’ Tony asked Jim.

‘Yeah, I’m good thanks’ he replied.

Tony ripped a piece of cloth off his top, and then wrapped it around Jim’s wound. Jim smiled. Jim then picked up the claw and put it in his pocket. Then they continued their trip up to the top.  Finally they reached the top. Then they saw Cox’s tower.


‘Well, well, well. Looks like you’ve made it to the top’ A voice boomed.

Cox then appeared out of the tower. It snapped its fingers, arms and legs began to grow out of it.

‘I could knock you down the mountain, then no one could save your planet, or I could do this’ Cox said as it snapped its fingers.

The sky boomed again, but this time, the sky got a lot closer. The top of the mountain began to crumble, and so was Cox’s tower.

‘I probably should’ve made my tower after the sky fell…’ Cox said a bit disappointed.

‘Tony, I’ve thought of an idea’ Jim whispered as Cox was thinking about the paper work he did. ‘We get Cox to hold up the sky’ Jim finished

‘What?! How?’ Tony questioned

‘I don’t know, let’s try to trick him’

‘I have an Idea’. ‘Hey Cox’ Tony yelled.

Cox flew straight off to Tony’s face.

‘WHAT?’ Cox yelled at Tony.

‘Errr, walk over to where the sky is touching the mountain’ Tony said.

‘Naaaw, maybe I’ll do this!’ Cox said as he picked Tony up by his collar.

Jim jumped straight onto Cox. ‘Why am I doing this?’ Jim thought. He was a weak, scared, clueless boy. But Jim continued attacking Cox. Cox dropped Tony and jumped onto Jim. Cox slapped Jim right in the face; Jim retaliated by trying his best to punch Cox. Cox then lifted up Jim and ripped his cloak off. It then dropped Jim onto the ground. Jim looked up at the sky. He tried to get up, but his muscles wouldn’t let him.

‘Well, that was much easier than I thought’ Cox taunted ‘I expected someone with ancient blood to do better’

Jim then remembered the Manticore claw that he had. He managed to take it out of his pocket; he then used to stable himself so he could stand. Cox started to float towards Tony, Jim began to walk faster. He then started to sprint. He jumped up and kicked Cox right in the face. Cox then wacked Jim, he then fell onto the side of the mountain. Sweat was coming down his face; he then pulled out the Manticore Claw and stuck it into the side of the mountain. He then began to walk up the mountain. Jim then started to run towards Cox, he then kicked Cox in the leg. Cox began to grow a bit. It was almost double the size of Jim now! Jim then jumped onto Cox’s back. Cox started to grow some more, he was now so high, he couldn’t see the floor. Jim then jumped onto its Top Hat, he then pushed the Top Hat off of Cox’s head while he was still on it, while falling Jim then jumped onto Cox’s leg. Jim then took out his claw, then wacked Cox on the leg with it. Cox then started to hop around on one leg and hug the sore one.

‘Ow ow ow’ Cox whined ‘Argh, I hate stubbing my toe’ Cox said as it knocked Jim off its knee

Cox then started to lose its balance, soon it fell right onto the ground, and it then started to shrink.

A portal then opened up right next to where it fell. A Police man, with an orange instead of blue a blue vest came out.

‘Cox Code, you are under arrest, you have the right to remain silent’ the police officer said. He lifted Cox up. He sealed Cox in a bubble. Then they both disappeared.

Jim was lying on the ground. He looked at the sky; it was beginning to revert to its natural blue. The sky started to go back up to where it was before. Cox’s tower began to break apart, and then the cut in the sky closed. Everything was back to normal.

Jim limped over to Tony. Tony was standing up, but was in shock.

‘You- you defeated Cox! H -how? Weren’t you scared?’ Tony asked.

‘Yep, I was very scared’ he answered. ‘Anyways, c’mon let’s make our way to the bottom.

They then began to slowly, make their way down. Then, yet again, another rumble happened. Tony looked at the floor, it was starting to crack. They then heard a familiar cry. A huge lion with bat like wings, a long tail and long claws then emerged from the side of the mountain.

‘You make Maesteyer got prisonized’ the Manticore yelled ‘that no good’ it said as Tony punched it in the eye. ‘Yooowch’ it said as it fell down the mountain again. Another portal opened up where the Manticore fell, it then disappeared.

Once they reached the bottom, Jim and Tony looked at each other; they then let out a small smile. The town still looked broken and ruined, and then a bakery exploded.

‘Yup, this town is gonna need a lot of fixing’ Jim sighed

‘So do we’ Tony said as they looked at all of their wounds

‘Hooray for the heroes’ the whole town said as soon as Tony finished talking.

Three days later.

‘I am very pleased to announce the winners of ‘The people that actually did something while we were under attack’ award, and they go to, Jim Jones and Tony NoLastName. Could you please collect your rewards?’ The ruler of the town yelled to the town’s citizen

Jim and Tony went up to collect their prize. They held up their awards with honour. Jim smiled, he knew that this journey had changed him.

‘Hey Tony, look inside the trophy’ Tony exclaimed

Jim looked inside, then some spider webs went all over his face. Jim let out a small laugh.

‘I guess you actually aren’t scared’

Jim and Tony then got their names put down in a hall of fame. The whole town died five years later because Tony changed his last name to Abbott and then ran for Prime Minister, sadly he won and didn’t know anything about being Prime Minister, and had a ton of empty promises.

November 24

100 WC Week 11

Have you ever heard the story of Sean the Shrub? He lived on hill that overlooked the beach in New Zealand. His life was very simple, until that white wolf thing came. The wolf wen up the Sean and barked ‘Hey, i’ma wolf’
Sean didn’t answer, I guess thats because he doesn’t have a mouth….. Sean didn’t know what the wolfs name was, so he name it Barry. Sean didn’t know too much about Barry, and Barry didn’t know too much about Sean. The next day, after Sean woke up, he looked at Barry, but then realised Barry was in the air.

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November 21

100WC Week 10

How could someone get hydrochloric acid onto them selves? Was it a accident? Or was it done on purpose? After further inspection, Inspector Norrell found traces of hair in the acid, he decided to do a DNA test on it. After three long days of DNA test he finally found a match, it came up with Tony Shorten, the picture of Tony Shorten was a guy with big ears, a small head and a long nose. Norrell looked at the head, then looked at the eyes.
‘How could something so tiny fit on a head?’ He thought

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November 19

SEPEP Reflection

At the end of the 3rd term and the start of the last term, the year 5/6s started SEPEP. SEPEP stand for  Sport Education in Physical Education Program. In SEPEP we played soccer against other soccer teams in our school. There were a total of ten teams, the teams would be referred to team 1-10 on the leaderboard and when playing they would be referred to as their chosen name. My team was Team 2, and our chosen name was…. The Annoying Oranges. Our team colour were orange (you can guess why we decided on orange). Every week there would be to teams on judy group, in the first week it was team 1 and team 2, in the second week it was team 3 and team 4 e.t.c. When you’re in judy group you have to set up the fields, have a referee for each game, a scorer for each game and a timer for each team. The games would go for 14 minute and half time would be at 7 minutes. Another person that is on judy group is the first aid. There would be one from the judy groups, one of them would stay at a certain game and the other would wonder around to all the fields. My name was made up of Thomas, Mia, Farrah, Sasha, Alexis and Fidelya (and obviously me). Most teams were made of 7 people, but some teams only had  6 or 5.

A question I have is, do kids in other schools do SEPEP like us (do they play soccer?) or do they do a different sport for SEPEP?

The most important thing I’ve learn’t is how to be a good goalie. I learn’t this through out the time that I was goalie and when we practiced. I think that I’ve gotten better at soccer from the first week, this is because of the training we did and the games we played. Altogether I’ve learn’t how to be a good goalie and how to be a better soccer player. I’m going to use these skills for when I play soccer.

November 17

Semester 1 goals

My short term goal for this term will be able to add, multiply, divide and subtract easily with decimals and fraction, I would like to achieve this because I know that later on we will be doing test about fractions and decimals. I know that this goal would be good because in the previous year I did not go so well with things like fractions, decimals etc. I know that I did not go so well in it because of the test we did in year five. This could help me in the future with maths test and lessons.

My long term goal for this semester is that  I would like to achieve is to read books in different areas because my teachers have been telling me to do that, I will achieve this by reading books that my parents recommend like non-fiction books. I think this will help me in the future for things like S.E.A.L, the reason this will help me is because it will expand my knowledge if I read more books about history or I could learn new words from harder books, this can help me with future tasks.


My short term goal for semester 1 was to be able to add, multiply, divide and subtract decimals and fractions, I feel like I achieved it but I can still do better. The reason I feel good with it is because of the lessons we’ve done with it and because of maths groups and I’ve learnt new strategies to do thing easily with decimals. My long term goal for semester 1 was to expand my reading; I think that I have not fully achieved this because I’ve only been reading a couple of different books.

Something I would like to work on is to be more organized with things like my contents page, and my locker. I would like to achieve this because being organized is an important skill. Organizing my contents page would be good because it will help be navigate my interactive notebooks so I can get to lessons easily, If I organize my locker I will be able to get the things I need instead quickly of taking everything out and trying to find my books. This will also help me with my music lesson.

I think that I’ve partly achieved this goal. I have managed to keep my locker in a way that I’m familiar with. I haven’t been filling out my contents pages because I would keep on forgetting about it, I have also not been using it a lot. Having my locker organised has helped me a lot. I‘ve been able to get to music lessons on time, I’ve also been able to do my homework earlier than I use to. I’ve been able to get my books out on time. This has let me been able to get ready for the lesson.

My future goals are to be able to be more organised so I can get to classes quickly. I know that I should work on this because my goals in 2015 were to be to be organised, and I feel that I can be more organised. I would also like to work a lot harder that I able normally do, this is so I can be in the SEAL Program.  If I do this this that means that I’ll achieve my goals that I had at the start of 2015. I also want to make different groups of friends, this will help with my social skills.

November 16

100 WC Week 9

Reds’s such a strange colour. You can never tell whether a certain colour is red or maroon or any colour that looks similar to red. It kinda looks like a darker version of pink, but with a bit of orange. I wonder why they even called it red. Is it suppose to be a subliminal message? Red backwards is…. der. Ummmm, that doesn’t sound like a subliminal message. Maybe it part of another word. Lets try… Brown backwards, nworb, ok that sounds a bit weird.*GASP*! Maybe it’s backwards backwards, sdrawkcab! I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore

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